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Ukash is an electronic money system based in the UK, which provides its customers with the opportunity to exchange their cash for a security code that can be used for making online payments. The payment method was founded in 2005 and since then has managed to become one of the most popular ones on the market.

Ukash Overview

Ukash is a unique form of electronic money that is available in more than 55 countries worldwide. Just like the PaySafeCard, Ukash also operates thanks to prepaid cards that can be bought from all kinds of outlets found across the entire world. Currently, more than 420,000 stores, gas stations, kiosks and even ATMs offer Ukash cards, so getting your hands on one should not be that difficult.

The interesting thing about Ukash is that this payment method does not require a registration. The only step you need to complete is to buy a card by visiting the nearest provider of Ukash prepaid cards.

Finding one will not be difficult thanks to the user-friendly search form found on Ukash’s website. Use it to specify your location, and you will be instantly provided with a list of suggested stores nearby your place of residence that offer prepaid Ukash cards.

The constantly growing size of the network and the increasing interest towards Ukash have helped it to become one of the most preferred alternative payment methods in the world.

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What Is Ukash

As mentioned above, Ukash is a electronic payment method that allows customers to make certain transactions online. This is a great alternative method in case a user does not own a credit or debit card or simply does not want to use for online payments or purchases.

The system offers its users to get a secure code in exchange to their money. The code consists of 19 digits and can be used for making some payments online, as well as for loading cards or e-wallets, and transferring money from one account to another.

Ukash is available in a great number of outlets located all over the world. It can be found in a variety of shops, kiosks, petrol stations, ATM devices, as well as on the Internet.

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How to Use Ukash

The fact that Ukash is so easy to operate with has made this payment method so popular among customers around the world. Users need to simply exchange their cash at a retail outlet for the aforementioned 19-digit code, which can be spent in order to pay online, or load some prepaid cards and e-wallets.

Your Ukash card will contain a unique 19-digit code that basically allows you to use your money online. Ukash is also preferred by players worldwide because it does not involve the use of sensitive personal information, so all deposits are 100% safe.

Once a customer have purchased a card, they can deposit money in any online casino that supports this payment method by selecting “Ukash” and entering their code, as well as the amount of money that they would like to deposit. The process is very simple and easy to complete, so they will be able to start playing in a matter of minutes.

Just like other similar cards, Ukash cards also have a date of expiry – 12 months after the card has been issued. Ukash cards can also be used to withdraw money from online casinos, so users can completely eliminate the need for credit/debit card or bank account.

Another great thing about Ukash is that users are provided with the opportunity to split their code into several smaller codes, thus taking complete control over the amount of money they spend. Naturally, customers can also combine several codes into a single code that sums up the value of all other codes.

Ukash is a method preferred by casino players worldwide, so you shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that it is one of the most preferred payment methods in online casinos, just after Skrill and PayPal. We strongly recommend you to give Ukash a try, because it is a truly unique method that gives you all the benefits of using a traditional credit/debit card or bank account.

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Ukash Travel Money Card

Ukash also provides a special option for all its users who are willing to stop paying a lot of money due to high taxes and rated when travelling or using their credit/debit card overseas. This is the Ukash Travel Money MasterCard, which is considered a true money-saver.

The Travel Money MasterCard offered by Ukash is basically a prepaid MasterCard, available in USD or EUR and can be reloaded. Customers can use it in great variety of places, including bars, restaurants and shops all over the world, at 34 million outlets and more than 2 million ATM devices.

The best thing about this prepaid travel card is the fact that users does not have to pay any fees when making a purchase, which can save a lot of money that they would normally pay when using a standard credit or debit card. The card is also free, because there are no fees that must be paid when signing up or on a monthly basis. The withdrawals from ATMs are also free of charge.

Purchasing such a prepaid card from Ukash is quite easy. Customers must chose the currency they would like to use as well as the amount that they want to load on their travel card. Then, they must log in their account or register in case they do not have one, and complete their order by simply paying for the purchase with a UK debit card.

The Ukash travel MasterCard is received within 10 working days after the order is completed. All customers need to do after receiving it is to activate it and enjoy using it when travelling abroad.

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Ukash Prepaid MasterCard

The travel card mentioned above is a type of the Prepaid MasterCard provided by Ukash, which basically means that the latter has pretty much the same characteristics. Applying for a regular prepaid MasterCard at Ukash is easy – the customers’ credit history is not checked, only their identity is verified.

The cards are sent via mail to the users approved. They are normally received within 10 working days once the order is placed. Getting the PIN code for the prepaid MasterCard is even easier. In order to receive their PIN code, users are supposed to send an SMS from the mobile phone that they have used when registering to their card. The PIN code can be changed any time at most UK ATM devices.

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Security Info

No matter that Ukash payment method use is found fast and easy by its customers, this does not mean that it lack a proper security system. On the contrary, Ukash is one of the safest and most secure online payment methods.

When making a payment over the Internet, customers normally present their banking details to the service provider. Ukash is no different than than, apart from the fact that no personal details or bank account and credit/debit card information is revealed to third parties.

Apart from the encryption system it works with, the website of Ukash also offers a list of simple steps that users should follow in order to make sure their sensitive information is protected in the best way possible. Most of these rules are pretty simple and come in handy every day when browsing on the Internet, which makes them easy to apply and follow.

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After its launch a decade ago, Ukash has managed to consolidate its positions on the online payment methods market. It has become one of the most-liked, used and preferred payment methods among customers all over the world.

The great options offered by the method, low fees and customer-friendly security has made it one of the users’ favourites over the years. This, on the other hand, has made Ukash more competitive on the market and has helped the team supporting its platform even more focused on offering the best services to their customer.

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Contact Details

  • tel number (UK): 0300 123 2040
  • registered address: The Counting House, 3rd Floor, 53 Tooley Street, London, SE1 2QN, United Kingdom

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  1. Debra Gunter says:

    I don’t like having to enter 9 or 15 digits every time I want to pay online. Sometimes it doesn’t accept my PIN number even if it has been entered correctly. I use Ukash because it’s convenient for online casino games, but there are some things that I don’t like about it.

  2. I used to make payments online using Ukash in the past. I would still be using them had I not lost my Ukash voucher. I know it was my fault, but there was lots of cash there and the company said they couldn’t do anything to retrieve my money. I was very disappointed. If you use your voucher, it’s like you lose your wallet!

  3. As a casino player, I want to protect my privacy online. Using payment cards to fund my online accounts is not an option for me because scammers are everywhere. That’s why I use Ukash. I feel much safer using this payment method than others. Plus, payments are made really quickly.

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