Casinos Accepting UnionPay

Players, looking for a secure and at the same time convenient method for depositing funds in their online casino accounts, should consider obtaining a UnionPay card as it is widely accepted in a number of countries and its popularity is constantly growing.

More and more casinos are willing to add UnionPay to the list of available depositing options.


UnionPay was established 13 years ago and since then it has been playing a key role in Chinese bank industry. During that time, UnionPay became available in more than 150 countries, which automatically makes it a widely recognized method for depositing funds to online casino accounts. UnionPay is a prepaid card that has gained worldwide recognition and hundreds of merchants and players from all over the world use it as a reliable payment method.

The demand of Chinese businesses to have a card that is internationally accepted led to the necessity of establishing UnionPay. That is why the main mission of UnionPay developers is the creation of an international acceptance network that is currently successfully run in a wide number of countries and regions. The issuance of internationally accepted UnionPay cards is promoted and the latest statistics show that currently, there are more than 3.5 billion cardholders on a global scale.

Holders of a UnionPay prepaid cards are enabled to use it at ATM and POS terminals but they can also pay utilities, book tickets, transfer money and fund debit or credit cards.

The number of customers as well as its acceptance in a great number of countries, makes UnionPay the second most widespread payment method after Visa. Some UnionPay cards are affiliated with Visa, American Express or MasterCard, which makes them internationally accepted. As for the debit cards, certain restrictions apply and they can be used only in networks that have a contract with UnionPay.

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Depositing Casino Funds with UnionPay

Leading online casinos are constantly expanding the range of products they offer to the players and the convenient methods for depositing funds is among their paramount priorities. That is why the majority of them have UnionPay in the list of depositing options. Here are some details concerning the purchase of a prepaid card and its usage when it comes to depositing an amount into your casino account.

UnionPay is a widespread alternative of credit cards. In order to fund your UnionPay prepaid card, you have to transfer funds from your credit or debit card or in case you do not have one but you still want to engage on online casino games, a voucher can be issued and used for depositing funds.

You can easily purchase a UnionPay prepaid card without unnecessary delays. You just have to select UnionPay as a primary payment method at your online casino and you will be prompted to purchase a prepaid card. Players have the freedom to select denominations varying between $25 and $500.

In order to make a deposit to an online casino, you have to visit the cashier and find out if payment with UnionPay is available. If it is, select it and determine the exact amount you want to deposit.

Depending on the preferred casino, certain limits related to the minimum and maximum deposits apply, so you are advised to obtain information about the amount and the frequency of making deposits at your preferred online casino.

Then, enter the required information of your UnionPay card. Please, be aware that in case of irregularities with the card details, your deposit will be rejected. If you enter correct information, the funds will be immediately transferred into your online casino account.

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Mobile Options

UnionPay strives to provide its customers with the best payment options and everyone can download the mobile app compatible with iOS and Android devices. A mobile version of the website is also available.

UnionPay customers are enabled to make online payments via the self-built platform based on NFC technology. For clients’ convenience an international hotline is available and all kinds of payment-related issues are promptly solved.

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Customers are usually not charged anything when they use their UnionPay card at POS terminals. No fees are required for making purchases made via UnionPay network as well. The bank of the customer will deduct the required amount in local currency.

However, if a player do not use their UnionPay account for more than a year, a charge of $4.95 applies.

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The main advantage of UnionPay is the convenience it offers. Players can easily fund their casino accounts, while keeping an eye on the amounts they deposit. In comparison to the credit cards, UnionPay makes it much easier to avoid overspending. In addition, it is a low cost, internationally accepted payment method. You can use your card wherever you see the UnionPay logo or the respective Chinese symbols.


In order to fund your UnionPay card, you have to disclose information, usually regarded as confidential. Namely that is one of the key reasons why some players use some other depositing methods and avoid UnionPay as they fear identity theft or misuse of their funds.

The other setback is the fact that the withdrawal option is not available. If you want to withdraw your casino winnings, you have to think of another alternative, different than UnionPay.

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As already mentioned, the main concern of players is the fact that they need to reveal their debit or credit card details. However, UnionPay uses the security encryption and firewall technology of leading bank institutions, which ensures safe transaction. As for casino deposits, if you play at a reliable, customer-friendly casino, there is no need to worry when using UnionPay.


As mentioned above, UnionPay is a payment option available in countries where online casino industry is well-developed and players choose it as a preferred depositing method. The benefits it has compensates for the lack of withdrawing option and make it a preferred depositing method for a reason.

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