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One of the main concerns of virtual gamblers is managing their funds in a fast, safe and easy way. With plenty of options, players might find it hard to choose the right method to upload funds to their gaming accounts and withdraw their winnings. In order to make their virtual casino experience as smooth as possible, we suggest players opt for UPayCard which can provide both security and convenience. This fairly new e-wallet service can be used for both making a deposit and withdrawing your gaming funds.

When you are choosing an online casino where you would like to play, make sure that it accepts payments via UpayCard and you will be able to control your gaming account in a few simple steps. This service is a wonderful payment alternative for players in jurisdictions with limited banking options.


upaycard paymentsThe company which operates UPayCard, Moorwand LTD, was established in 2013 in the United Kingdom and ever since then its main concern is providing its customers with fast and reliable payment solutions which can help them in their daily consumer life. The services of the company are equally accessible to individuals and businesses. To make sure that its customers are completely safe, the company is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and abides by its rules.

Using the service of UPayCard allows players to manage their funds in a fast, cost-effective and safe manner. Account Holders can send or receive money from numerous places around the world. To make payments even easier, clients of the company can use their UPayCard account to pay in several different currencies. The Multiple Payment feature allows clients to transfer funds to many Accounts.

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In order to help its customers to keep a track of their balance, UPayCard also provides a mobile version of it website which allows you to send money and check your account even when you are on the move. You can choose from various methods to load funds to your e-wallet and start using the service of UPayCard.

Everyone who is interested in the services of UPayCard, can go to its official website and see the whole information about the history of the company, the products and services it provides, as well as answers to various common questions that clients may have. In order to be helpful to as many people as possible, the webpage of UPayCard is available in multiple languages.

How Does It Work

upaycard how does it workThis fairly new service allows virtual players to top up their gaming balance via a UPayCard e-wallet or a virtual/plastic card. The reason why it is a very convenient way of managing your gaming funds is that UPayCard can be used both for both deposits and withdrawals and a lot of players who have limited payment options can utilize this service as a way of fast and secure transactions.

To be able to use the service of UPayCard you must first create an account which takes only a few minutes and it is absolutely free. In order to create a profile at UPayCard, you will have to provide some information such as name, date of birth, country, city, address, postal code, e-mail address, mobile phone and the currency you prefer to use for your digital wallet.

After the confirmation of your registration, you will receive an e-mail with your two-factor authentication which is used as an additional security layer that will protect your account information. The next step is to verify your account by sending a proof of your personal address and I.D. After that you will have to upload funds to your Account. You can do that by using your VISA, MasterCard or Maestro credit/debit cards, a bank transfer or the services of China UnionPay.

The reason why UPayCard is a great payment option for many virtual players is that they will be able to transfer funds to their casino account or withdraw their winnings in a safe and fast way. Using your e-wallet to top up your gaming balance means that you will not have to provide any personal information or any bank account details. In addition to that, UPayCard uses SSL encryption which guarantees that players’ sensitive information is always properly protected and no one will have access to it.

When it comes to virtual casinos, players who enjoy making real-money bets look for fast payment options which will allow them to play their favorite games in an instant. UPayCard is well-known for its fast transactions which guarantee that your funds will appear immediately in your gaming account. Thanks to your UPayCard e-wallet, you will be able to enjoy your gaming adventures as soon as you make a deposit.

UPayCard Services

Clients of UPayCard can choose several different services which can help them upload funds to their gaming account or withdraw their winnings. Account Holders can opt for using an e-wallet, a virtual card, and a physical card. All three options are very cost-effective and convenient and they can help virtual players to enjoy safe, fast and flexible transactions.


upaycard ewalletAs e-wallets have become a very popular payment method among virtual players, many online casinos started accepting them as a banking solution. This is why more and more gambling websites started accepting payments via a UPayCard e-wallet. It works just like every e-wallet that allows players to upload funds to their digital wallet and use it as a payment solution at the web-based casino of their choice.

As soon as you open an account at UPayCard, you will receive your e-wallet. You will then need to load money into your account by using one of the options supported by the company. You can use your UPayCard digital wallet to load funds to another e-wallet connected to your account or even make Account-to-Account Transactions. If you have linked your UPayCard Account with any of your credit or debit cards, you can easily move funds from or to your Card Organization. Last but not least you can utilize your e-wallet for your online purchases, including boosting your gaming balance at an online casino.

Virtual Card

upaycard virtual cardAfter creating your UPayCard account, you will receive information about your virtual card. The company will send you details such as card number, Security Code, as well as the expiration date of your virtual card. You can use your virtual card for purchases online from websites all around the world that accept the brand of your card. Be aware that the funds in your e-wallet are not transferred to your virtual card. This is why you will have to load money into your virtual card prior to using it as a payment method.

Physical Card

upaycard physical cardWhen opening an account, or any time after creating it, clients of UPayCard can request a physical card. If you want to make purchases with your physical card, you will have to load funds into it by using your e-wallet or virtual card. This physical card can be used at any merchant across the world that accepts the brand of your card. UPayCard clients can also use their physical card to withdraw their funds at any ATM that accepts the same brand as the one of your card.

Depositing and Withdrawing from Online Casinos via UPayCard

upaycard casino depositAs aforementioned, making a deposit to your gaming account is extremely easy and fast with the service of UPayCard. If you want to use your e-wallet to transfer funds to your virtual casino balance, you should head to the Cashier Page of the online casino of your choice. There, you will see your deposit options among which there should be an icon of UPayCard. Pick the payment method from the list with banking options and enter the amount you would like to deposit to your gaming account. Then you will be asked to fill in the information about your UPayCard account such as your username and password.

If you opt for withdrawals via UPayCard you will be able to transfer your gaming money into your e-wallet in no time. Initiating a withdrawal via the service of UPayCard is just as easy as using it to top up your balance. All that you need to do is head to your Cashier Page and select UPayCard as your withdrawal method. Enter the amount you would like to cash out and you will be done.

Remeber, if you are initiating a withdrawal via this service for the first time, you will be asked to confirm your identity prior to receiving your money. There is also another condition for players who decide to cash out their winnings with the help of UPayCard. If you want to withdraw your money via this service, you will have to use it at least once for making a deposit.

If the casino where you play do not accept UPayCard as a payment solution, you can use your UPayCard virtual or plastic card to make a deposit or withdraw your winnings. Your funds will still leave and enter your account at UPayCard.

Fees and Limits

upaycard limitAfter your account has been verified, you will have several options to choose from when it comes to uploading funds to your UPayCard e-wallet. If you decide to transfer money to your digital wallet via a bank transfer, you will not pay any fees, however, you will need to go through a card verification process. The rest of the methods for uploading funds come with small fees. For EU residents the fee for uploading funds via VISA and MasterCard is 1.2% and for the rest of the countries, the fee is 2.9%. For a transfer made via UnionPay, the fee is 5% while using Bitcoin will cost only an additional charge of 1%. You can also use other various methods to deposit money into your UPayCard account. You can check the additional charges for them at the Fees Page of the official website of the service. Depending on the country you reside in, you will be able to find a flexible way to transfer money to your UPayCard balance.

Opening an account, however, will not cost you any additional charges. You will not pay any monthly fees and purchasing a physical card will also be free. If you want to withdraw funds from your UPayCard account, you will have to pay an additional fee of €10 if you reside in EU or €25 if you live in any of the other countries which support the services of UPayCard. If you decide to initiate a withdrawal using the service of Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin, you will have to pay a fee of 1%. Like the majority of other payment services, UPayCard also charges conversion fee when your transactions are in a currency different than the one you use for your e-wallet. This foreign exchange fee is 3%. If you use your UPayCard physical card at an ATM you will pay a fee of €3,50 for a withdrawal and €1 for a balance inquiry.

If virtual players opt for using the UPayCard physical or virtual cards, they will have to keep in mind that there are certain limitations.

For clients that use the physical card of the company the minimum amount they can withdraw is €10. There is also a limit for the withdrawals you can make in a period of 24 hours. The maximum amount you can cash out in a single day is €900, while the maximum for an entire week is €6,300. You can also use your UPayCard for online purchases and the limit for that is €4,500. The same limits apply for merchant purchases. The amount that physical card holders are allowed to spend for purchases every 24 hours is €9,000, while the weekly limit is €25,000. The maximum amount in purchases that clients are allowed to make via a UPayCard physical card every month is €100,000.

There is also a limitation for withdrawals every 24 hours made via the plastic card. UPayCard clients are allowed to withdraw money only 2 times a day. The numbers for the period of one week is 14, while the monthly limit is 25 withdrawals. The number of purchases allowed to be made every 24 hours is 10, while the weekly limit is 50 purchases. When it comes to the limits for purchases made every month, physical card holders are allowed to make 100 purchases.

The Virtual card of UPayCard also comes with certain limitations. The maximum for online purchases is €4,500. The limit for merchant purchases is also €4,500. If you are wondering how much you can spend in a day for purchases, the answer is €9,000. The maximum amount in purchases every week is €25,000, while the amount you can spend the most on purchases for a month is €100,000. The number of purchases that virtual cardholders are allowed to make every 24 hours is 10. The limits for purchase made in a week is 50, while the monthly limit is 100.


upaycard securityThe reason why UPayCard is considered a reliable service is that the company manages to protect its clients and ensure the safety of their personal information. Online players can be certain that their money and account details are not jeopardized since UPayCard utilizes SSL encryption to protect all the data that is shared.

If you decide to provide any personal information to UPayCard, you can be sure that it will be protected and it will not be revealed to any third party. You can be certain that any sensitive information will be shared only with employees of the company who need that type of data in order to provide their products and services.

UPayCard is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and it abides by its rules in order to protect its clients. If online players opt to manage their gaming balance via UPayCard, they can be sure that their funds are always protected with the newest technology and their personal information is handled with extreme care.

The website of the company is extremely user-friendly and anyone can find the information they might need. In addition to that, there is a FAQ page which reveals the answers to many of the questions that potential clients of UPayCard may have. If this is not enough, the website also offers a Live Chat option and an e-mail address which you can use to contact the support team of UPayCard. The Business Accounts Managers of the company can also be contacted via Skype. This allows feature business partners and clients to ask any questions they may have related to the services of UPayCard.

Mobile Banking

upaycard mobile bankingIn order to stay abreast of the newest technologies, UPayCard grants its clients access to its website via their smartphones or tablets. This is very convenient for people who are always on the go. The mobile version of UPayCard allows Account Holders to keep track of their transactions and request a check of their balance. They can also opt for receiving or sending money via SMS. UPayCard clients can also receive SMS alerts whenever their account is being used or they have received money. For those who want that extra-security, there is also an option to request a security KeyCode via SMS. This code will allow you to log into your account, using an additional safety layer.

Pros and Cons of Using UpayCard

uPaycard pros and consThere are most certainly several positive things about utilizing the service of UPayCard as your payment solution in a virtual casino. The first one is the speed of the transactions. If you top up your gaming balance via your UPayCard e-wallet you will be able to see your money in your interactive casino account instantly. This will allow you to enjoy your favorite games as soon as you upload funds to your gaming account.

Another strong side of the service is its security. As mentioned previously, UPayCard is regulated by the Information Commissioner’s Office and it makes sure that its clients are always properly protected. Players who use the service of UPayCard can be sure that their personal information, as well as their transactions, are always transmitted using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology which ensures that no one will have access to any sensitive data. In addition to that, Account Holders receive a two-factor authentication which adds an additional layer of security everytime UPayCard’s clients log into their accounts.

The Mobile Banking is also a great addition to the assets of UPayCard. This service allows Account Holders to check up their balance wherever they are. Since the website of the service can be accessed from any smartphone or tablet, clients can easily see their transactions. UPayCard users can also choose to receive SMS alerts everytime their account is accessed or whenever they receive funds. Sending money is also very conveniently done with a single SMS. This is definitely a wonderful perk that those who use UpayCar may enjoy.

However, like most services, this one is also missing some things. Since the service is fairly new, there are not that many virtual casinos that have added UPayCard to their list with payment options. Finding a proper casino can be a bit difficult but there are more and more gambling websites that accept payments via UPayCard.

Another disappointing thing about the service is that it is not available in some countries. Not only that, but it has also stopped accepting gambling transactions in the United States. It used to be one of the fewer options for virtual players from the states. Since the transactions were pretty fast and the fees were reasonable, a lot of US-friendly virtual casinos accepted payments via the service of UPayCard. However, since October 2017, US online gamblers have to look other payment alternatives when it comes to their virtual gambling.


upaycard overviewCreating a profile at UPayCard will take just a few minutes but it will make your virtual gaming experience so much easier and more convenient. Players who choose their UPayCard e-wallet as a payment method are able to enjoy fast and safe transactions. Account Holders can use the service for both uploading funds to their virtual casino account and withdrawing their winnings. As soon as you make a deposit via UPayCard, you will be able to play your favorite games and bet real money. The best thing about using this method is that players who have limited payment options can use either UPayCard e-wallet or its virtual/physical card.

Additional Payment Methods

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