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WebMoney, also frequently referred to as WebMoney transfer, is an online payment platform that has been around for years. It does not enjoy the popularity of services such as Skrill and PayPal, but it is still indisputably one of the best ways to make payments online, purchase goods online or deposit/withdraw money from your favorite online casino.


WebMoney is an international settlement system aimed at primarily at web-based business activities. The payment method system was created in 1998. Currently, there are more than 28 million customers who have become its members.

The payment method provides its users with the opportunity to keep track on their funds, carry out safe transactions, as well as attract funding to their businesses or initiatives. These options are offered to the customers under a standardized and easy-to-use interface that also allows them to easily manage their valuables.

WebMoney’s platform guarantees complete safety and security to the customers’ accounts as no personal or bank account details are revealed to third parties.

WebMoney casinos are not difficult to find, so as a player you should definitely take a closer look at WebMoney’s qualities.

The base name of the service is WebMoney, but their website is split into several different sections that offer unique services. The one that you are looking for is the WebMoney eWallet – an online payment method that can be used to play at any WebMoney casino. The platform’s website is available in English, Russian and Spanish, and the registration is completely free, so hurry up and register your WebMoney profile.

Basically, an opportunity to register any number of WebMoney purses is provided to the system’s customers. The system offers convenience to its users, whose purses are kept in a special section (“keeper”) assigned to the WMID registration number of the user.

Screenshot of WebMoney Home Page

Purse Management

There are several types of keepers offered by WebMoney – Keeper Standard (Mini), Keeper Mobile, Keeper WebPro (Light) and Keeper WinPro (Classic). There is also a Keeper for social networks, as well as an authorization system called E-NUM. All keepers are aimed at meeting the personal needs and requirements of the payment method’s customers in order to suit them best.

Keeper Standard (Mini)
This is a fast, simple and convenient way for using a payment method’s purse, which is available right after a customer has made a registration on The purse is compatible with all browsers, including their mobile versions.

Keeper Mobile
This is a convenient and easy-to-use application, aimed at the management process of WebMoney purses. The application also targets primarily the mobile devices users, which is why it is available for a great variety of mobile operation systems such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, etc. The purse can be used in combination with Keeper WinPro and Keeper WebPro.

Keeper WebPro (Light)
This is also a web-based purse, but it features some extended functions. There are three ways for the customers to gain access to Keeper WebPro – to start using a personal digital certificate, to log into their account by using their username and password, or by using the authorization service E-NUM.

Keeper WinPro (Classic)
The program is developed especially to help customers manage their purses and assist them when working with the WebMoney payment system. It is suitable for more experienced users.

Keeper for social networks
This keeper includes the Vkontakte, Faceook and Odnoklassniki applications. The keeper appears in the Applications chapter of the social network when installed and can be synchronized with its new versions on a regular basis.

E-NUM is an authorization system that provides customers of WebMoney wit enhanced information security. This is how users are able to store WM Keeper keys in the database, which is kept absolutely secure against malicious attacks. The authorization system is available for a great variety of operation systems.

Screenshot of WebMoney Purse Management Options Page

Funding the Account

Once you have created your WebMoney eWallet, you need to add some money into it. In order to do this, you must choose between several methods – the most popular one is wire transfer, but you can also take advantage of more non traditional methods such as a prepaid WM-card, cash-in terminal or another money transfer system.

One of WebMoney’s biggest advantages is that you can quickly exchange one type of currency for another without any extra fees. This makes WebMoney a great choice for online casino players who play in several online casinos and work with different currencies.

WebMoney is a method that can be used for both deposits and withdrawals, so you won’t need to bother looking for another payment services. Keep in mind that just like any other online payment service, WebMoney also has specific fees and taxes that must be paid when depositing or withdrawing money. Make sure you take a closer look at the terms and conditions offered by the company in order to determine whether you are okay with the charges or not.

One of the main reasons why so many gamblers prefer WebMoney is this payment method’s swiftness. Deposits are almost instant and withdrawing your money usually takes no longer than a couple of hours depending on the payment method you’ve chosen.

Screenshot of WebMoney Account Funding Options and Taxes Page


What makes WebMoney a highly preferable online payment method is the fact that it provides high-quality protection of all personal and bank account data stored. The technology is developed in correspondence to the contemporary security requirements. A key point in safety provision by WebMoney is the information verification to any data that passes through the system.

A total of three major authentication methods are currently used by WebMoney to protect its customers’ personal and banking details:

Login and password required
The customers are provided with the opportunity to use their WMID, e-mail or phone number as login information. Additional confirmation is required, too.

Personal digital certificates

Files with secret keys
Some files require special keys. For example, using WM Keeper Classic required a unique 12-symbol code, a password and files with the special key stored in the customer’s computer memory.

WebMoney guarantees that full confidentiality is to be kept when it comes to protecting its users’ sensitive information. There are some privacy options available to the customers, who can choose how much and what personal information to be shown to other customers of WebMoney. This basically means that the second party in the money transactions is to receive access only to information that has been exclusively selected by the user themselves.

Screenshot of WebMoney Secruity and Cerificates Page


WebMoney is one of the most affordable and thus, preferred, online payment methods. The fees that are charged for its services are reasonable and customer-friendly, which has made the method attractive for the users. Full list of the platform’s fees, taxes and rates can be found on its website.

Screenshot of WebMoney Fees and Taxes Page


WebMoney offers innovative online payment solutions at a platform convenient and easy to use. The payment method provides instant funds transfers, which are found attractive by customers worldwide. In addition, advanced money management options and tools are offered when it comes to control and monitoring of the customers’ WebMoney purse.

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