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gambling mathsDeuces Wild is one of the most popular poker games up to date, despite the fact it came relatively late. Just like Jacks or Better, this game has ranked among the most preferred ones among poker players from all over the world. Still, regardless of the fact there are currently dozens of variations of the original game, players should keep in mind that full-pay Deuces Wild video poker machines are not so commonly-offered.

Just like with the above-mentioned game, the player is dealt a total of five cards with their faces up when playing Deuces Wild. Once again, the player need to make a decision which cards to keep and which to discard, so there are 32 ways to play the hand.

Optimal Math Strategy for Deuces Wild

Some players are looking for a suitable strategy for Deuces Wild that will provide them with the chance to achieve optimal results. They are recommended to choose the applicable strategy depending on their initial hand and if the cards are not good enough to form a strong hand, to draw another five ones.

If the player is deal n cards and they choose to discards these cards and replace them with new ones, then all of the 47/n possibilities are equally likely to be formed. Then, the player is granted with their payout, which is determined by both the amount of the have wagered as well as by the rank of their final hand.

What is specific about the game of Deuces Wild, the four deuces or in other words, the 2-valued cards, are considered as wild cards, which affects the entire pay-out schedule of the game. It is important for a player to know that when they are dealt a wild card (any 2-valued card), they will be given the chance to use it as a substitute to any other of the 52 cards forming the deck, including a card that already appears in the player’s hand.

Of course, wild cards could be interpreted in various ways when they are present in a hand. The interpretation is made in the most favourable way for the player, as it is related to the highest pay-out that can be applied.

The primary math issue in the game of Deuces Wild is for the player to determine which of the cards to keep and which to discard provided the initial hand’s value. Still, just like with Jacks or Better, there does not seem to be any reasonable strategies that could be implemented in this type of poker game. In addition, players should also remember not to rely too much on their intuition, but to carefully consider their next move in order to boost their chances to maximize the conditional expected payout.

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Payout Schedule of Deuces Wild

Casino poker players should always take into account the Deuces Wild pay-off schedule before placing a bet. The term full-pay Deuces Wild is used in order to highlight the fact that there are various video poker machines that look very much alike, but they feature different pay-out schedules that could vary.

In addition, most Deuces Wild poker machines require from players to place the maximum bet of 5 coins in case that they want to qualify for the largest pay-off.

A Natural Royal Flush hand is the highest paying hand in the game of Deuces Wild. It is a regular royal flush hand with no wild cards included. The hand can be formed in 4 ways only, which makes its pay-off odds 800 to 1. The Four Deuces hand features 200 for 1 odds as it can be made in 48 different ways. On the other hand, the Wild Royal Flush which is a Royal Flush that has at least one wild card included, can be achieved in 480 ways, which lowers the pay-off odds to 25 for 1. The hand of Five of a Kind features pay-off odds of 15 for 1 as it can be assembled in 624 different ways.

A Straight Flush hand can be formed in 2,068 ways and offers pay-off odds that equal to 9 for 1. On the other hand, Four of a Kind pays only 5 for 1, as it can be formed in 31,552 ways. Players can make a Full House hand in 12,672 ways, so it brings them pay-off odds of 3 for 1. A total of two Deuces Wild hands offer 2 for 1 pay-off odds – these are the Flush hand and the Straight Hand. The first one can be assembled in 14,472 ways, while the second one can be formed in as much as 62,232. The worst-paying hand in the game is Three of a Kind, which can be reached in 355,080 ways and features pay-off odds of 1 for 1.

When it comes to a game of Deuces Wild, players should first classify each poker hand for themselves, by taking into account the number of deuces that the hand in question contains. This number could be 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4, respectively. Then, it would be wise for every player to count the numbers of hands of each type when it comes to dividing them in each of these five variations.

A good idea for players is to also specify the two deuces and of course, to define the lowest non-deuce denomination in the hand. Then, the wild cards should be used in a value that corresponds to the hand and completes it in the best possible way.

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