Doubling-up Casino System Math

gambling mathsMathematical systems are definitely worth being considered when a player exploits a positive expectancy situation. Usually, by using the term a “mathematical system” expects mean a system where the player makes a decision what bet to make considering what numbers have come up on a certain number of previous spins as well as the history of the wagers made by the player themselves on the same spins.

The Doubling-up mathematical system is part of a class of systems that are also known as Martingales. The term originates from the village of Martigues in southern France. Of course, there are other popular mathematical betting systems as well and it is entirely up to the player which one of them to use.

One of the major assumptions made is that when a bet is made by a player, all numbers are equally likely to come up, especially when it comes to roulette. This is also just another proof of the fact that land-based casinos are not biased, and online casinos use games that are run by Random Number Generators (RNG).

In addition, players are allowed to place their bets on a certain subsets of random numbers, or even on a number of subsets at the same time, and the best part is that each of their bets is settled without being referred to the others. The mathematical assumption that the likelihood of each of the numbers being able to come up on any spin seems plausible enough.

The Doubling-up System Principles

Players are also recommended to make the assumption that there is both a smallest allowable house bet and a maximum allowable house bet. These limits, and especially the maximum bet need to be fixed by casinos in order for the latter to stop the simple mathematical system of doubling up. In addition, maximum betting limits are helpful for players also, as they protect them from generating large losses by doubling up.

In fact, the doubling-up system with no casino limit is something that is hardly possible to happen as it would be ridiculous to use it in some situations, especially on long-running losing streaks. So, casinos normally set certain house limits, which could be increased from time to time under special circumstances.

Still, modified doubling-up systems have been used for centuries in actual gameplay, but under certain conditions. One of the most important “limits” set for players who preferred using the doubling-up system is, for example the rule that players should keep doubling their wager until they lose ten times in a row. House limits prevent players from losing too much money they could not afford to lose.

Actually, the doubling-up system is quite popular when it comes to the game of Roulette. When it comes to the efficiency of the system, players should be aware of the fact that the house percentage advantage on Red is not altered at all by doubling-up system and principles. In addition, the eleventh loss in a row is even considered as kind of a compensation to the casino for the high chance provided to players.

What is even more surprising is the fact that this applies for all mathematical systems no matter of their complexity. Due to the fact that there is literally an infinite number of such systems, the doubling-up system is considered no good in case there are no limits set.

The truth is that the doubling-up system could be good enough for the player to have some fun even considering the fact that house advantage is not changed in any way by it. What is important for every player to do is make sure they determine the risk of failure. The latter is equal to the ratio of the maximum bet allowed by the casino on the Red colour to the minimum bet.

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The Problem with Doubling up

Of course, the doubling-up system is not suitable for Roulette only, but this is the game that will help players easily understand the odds and probabilities.

According to the “law of averages”, it is likely for the players to gain or lose “about” the total expectation of their bets. If we have to put this in other words, systems are not of much help when the player enters a long losing streak. This is exactly why players are recommended to think of a complete cycle as a single bet.

On the other hand, the expected amount bet on a single cycle that is also called an average amount bet also needs to be calculated. Of course, the calculations are always boring, especially for more inexperienced players who just want to go there and win. In addition, they are different every time, since the details of each system and game are different, not to mention the literally infinite number of betting systems.

Of course, players could also try to develop their own general mathematical theory and strategy in order to cover gambling systems by first defining the action in a certain bet. Then, the expected gain or loss in the player’s action should be calculated and lastly, the system must be implemented in the player’s gameplay.

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