3/2 Betting System

casino-strategiesDepending on which variation of roulette a player has chosen (European or American), there are either 37 or 38 pockets on a roulette wheel. This is exactly why a large number of players would like to place their bets on as many numbers as possible.

Some players think that covering every pocket at the wheel or betting an equal amount on Red or Black would help them, but the truth is that they would not be able to win. This is exactly why most player are looking for some betting system that would help them generate a profit without risking too much.

The 3/2 roulette betting system is exactly what would help them in such cases. It is considered as a healthy compromise that provides players with the chance to cover as many pockets of the wheel as they can without sacrificing too much. This is exactly why the 3/2 roulette betting system is considered relatively more flexible when compared to other roulette systems, not to mention the fact that it allows players to keep their bet sizes constant.

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How Does the 3/2 System Work?

In fact, there are two opposite ways that could be used to play the 3/2 betting system. The first way is for the player to bet two units on the second column of numbers and also bet three units on Red section. The second way is to bet two units on the third column of numbers as well as three units on Black section.

No matter which way a person would choose, they would be given the chance to bet a 3/2 ratio on both a colour and a column. Choosing between the two betting options is all the system requires, but the player should make a decision how much they would like to wager. The fact that the 3/2 betting system allows customers to cover the majority of numbers on the roulette table is actually a great advantage in comparison to other systems, since it greatly increases the chances of a player to win.

The only objective of the 3/2 betting system is to allow player’s wagers to cover as many pockets of the roulette wheel as possible. This is the way how the number of outcomes that could generate a winning is increased, which means players have better odds against the roulette by covering about 70% of the wheel.

In fact, the 3/2 betting system provides players with serious benefit, as customers are given the chance to cover a large part of the wheel by making two normal bets at a ratio 3/2. In case a player has decided to choose the American roulette variation, which is with greater house edge due to the extra 00 pocket, each of the bets made with the 3/2 betting system has a 5.26% house edge on its own. So, by using the system, players would be provided by more action, including winnings and losses, but they would not be given an actual statistical advantage, as roulette is after all a game of luck.

Players are actually dealing with simple outside bets, which is why some casino customers prefer to combine 3/2 betting system with another roulette betting system, which could turn out to be a successful move.


The 2 to 1 Columns Plus Red Strategy

The 2 to 1 Columns Plus Red Strategy resembles the 3/2 betting strategy a lot. However, players are required to place bet of an equal stake on the first two columns and on the outside red-coloured numbers. There are more red colour results in the third column of the roulette table layout that has not been covered and which is exactly why the strategy does work.

Players are also recommended to spin the roulette wheel multiple times (at least ten times) with the same wager. Such actions increase player’s chances of winning with each spin to about 87% thanks to the large number of red colour results included in the third column that has been left uncovered. The truth is that the 2 to 1 Columns plus Red strategy brings very low risks for the player but it is quite time-consuming.

The 2 to 1 Columns plus Red betting strategy has a series of advantages that make it one of the most popular ones among other roulette strategies. It offers a high probability of winning on every single spin, which means that really big losses are practically eliminated as an option. In addition, the strategy brings relatively low risks, especially to other roulette betting systems such as the Martingale, for example.

In addition, the 2 to 1 Columns plus Red provides players with the chance to enjoy playing for quite some time eliminating the high risk of making large losses, primarily due to the fact that the odd are in the player’s favour with every spin.

Unfortunately, this betting system has two major disadvantages. First, it could be quite time-consuming, and second, usually it would not help players generate large winnings quickly.


The Red and Black Betting Systems

The Red and Black roulette betting strategies are considered quite simple, actually, but they are still quite effective ones. These two betting systems would be useful especially to players who do not have large money balances at their disposal, unlike other strategies such as the Martingale, which requires the player to double the stakes that they have already lost.

The Red Betting System

The Red system originates from the 1960s. The system is based on the concept that there are a total of eight red numbers and only four black numbers situated in the third column of the roulette table layout.

The system is considered a simple, but efficient enough in order to help players generate a winning and limit their losses. This system requires from players to place a one-unit bet on the third column and a two-unit bet on the colour black.

In fact the Red betting system does not help players gain any real edge over the house. Still, the system could be set up by using a negative betting progression, but some gaming experts would not recommend players to do that.

The Black Betting System

The Black system is much like the Red Betting System. It is based on the concept that there are eight black numbers and only four red numbers located in the second column of the roulette table layout.

So, instead of betting on the third column and colour black as they should be when using the Red Betting System, now players are recommended to place their wagers on the second column and on the colour red. In other words, it is exactly the opposite of the Red system, but just like the latter does not offer real advantage to the casino players.

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