Base Five Betting System

casino-strategiesBase Five is a variation of the progressive system known as Base Two. Like the majority of progressive systems, Base Five is used in games offering even-money bets. As you have already presumed, the fact that Base Five falls in the category of the progressive systems, means it is used by players who want to make a good profit when they hit a winning streak and reduce their bets when they have a losing one.

Some of the most widespread games providing even-money bets are blackjack, roulette and craps and as a result, these are the games in which Base Five is widely applicable. It enables you to increase your winnings during a hot streak and keep the losses to the minimum during a cold streak.

Actually, the existence of hot and cold streaks is a widely disputed topic and people have a different notion about what is a hot and what is a cold streak and how many successful spins make a winning streak. But let’s concentrate on the essentials you been to be aware of when applying the Base Five betting system.

Base Five Betting System Basics

In a nutshell, Base Five consists of the following sequence: 1-2-3-5 and each of these numbers corresponds to the number of units you have to bet. However, prior to that, you have to set your betting limit. The latter is determined by the limits of the table you are playing at, the condition of the player’s bankroll and what part of the betting funds they are willing to wager.

Let’s assume you enter the game with a minimum bet of €10 and you are supposed to stick to the sequence 1-2-3-5. In other words, the first wager has to be €10. If it is a winning one, the second should be €20, the amount of the third need to be €30 and the fourth one is €50.

If you do not have much experience in applying the Five Base betting system, you’d better keep a pen and a piece of paper near you, so you can easily follow the aforementioned betting sequence.

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Once you complete the sequence, you are supposed to start the system from scratch. Actually, you have no other option than starting all over, while the Martingale system, for example, does not have the same built-in reset that urges you to start from the beginning after four winning spins.

Here is another example taken from a real casino game. Presumably, your base bet is €10 on red but the first spin is a losing one. However, you decide to continue playing and bet another €10, which means you are €10 down. The second spin is a winning one and you, therefore, break even, which leads to the necessity of following the Five Base sequence and placing a €20 bet. If the second spin is also a winning one, you have to increase your bet to €30 and then to €50. If you lose before you complete the system and reach the €50 bet, you have to reset it.

A popular variant of the Base Five betting system is the sequence 1-2-3-6, which therefore means that after three winning spins, you have to wager 6 units instead of five.


Advantages and Disadvantages

What makes the Five Base betting system so popular is that it is easy to apply and effective when it comes to capitalizing the profits and minimizing the losses in a game of craps, blackjack or roulette.

In addition, the Five Base betting system prevents you from losing significant sums over a relatively short period of time. You are not supposed to increase your bet until you register some winnings.

However, the opponents of the notion about casinos hot and cold streaks do not believe that the system is efficient as it is based on something that might be a pure coincidence rather than a gambling term known as winning or losing streaks.

Another trouble related to the usage of Base Five betting system in roulette is the fact that the change of the bet does not have a positive influence on the casino advantage, which can result in more losses than profits. Although the player is capable of controlling their bets, the casino edge is difficult to overcome. At one point, you might find yourself in a quite unfavourable position where compensating for the losses means you have to hit a really long winning streak.

Some players who do not believe in the presumption about hot streaks and cold streaks but still want to increase their winnings by applying the Five Base betting system do the following. They increase their bet, no matter if they have a winning or a losing spin. As mentioned above, they are convinced that every spin is independent and there is no link to the one that preceded it or the one that will follow it.


Base Five betting system is definitely easy to understand but you have to remember what is the amount of the next bet you are supposed to place, otherwise the system is ruined. You are advised to try it during your next roulette or blackjack game session in order to optimize your winnings and avoid experiencing significant losses.

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