Flat Betting Systems

casino-strategiesFlat betting system is mainly used for playing roulette and blackjack and below, you will find detailed information regarding the advantages and disadvantages of applying the flat betting system during your game session.

Flat Betting System Basics

If you are passionate about playing roulette and you are familiar with some of the systems believed to help players increase their winnings, then, you must have heard that most roulette strategies include a mathematical progression but the flat betting does not include that. The system is actually a pretty simple one. The essence of the flat betting consists of repeatedly betting the same amount and hoping to enter a winning streak.

Let’s take the game if an European roulette as an example. Imagine you bet on red and spin the wheel 37 times. Before every spin of the wheel you bet an even amount, which means you will win 18 and lose 19 or in other words, you will gradually lose against the house edge.

There is one important thing you should take into consideration, though. Determining the amount of your original bet is essential for having an entertaining and profitable game session. If you do not have much experience in playing roulette or any other table game, you are advised to put 1% or 2% of the money you have set aside for betting in order to get a better vision of the game itself. At a later stage, you can put even 5% or more of your betting fund.

What makes the flat betting system so preferred by newcomers is the fact that you are not supposed to place a wager that is unaffordable. If your betting limit is set at €200 and you place a €2 wager on each spin, it means the worst experience you may have is to wager on 100 spins of the wheel without registering any winnings but in most cases the flat betting strategy ensures you will not leave the casino game empty pocketed.

Let’s apply the flat betting system on roulette. Imagine you bet on Red 5 but it comes black and you therefore, lose one unit. During the next spin, you wager one unit, but it comes up black again and you lose a total of two units. Even if you do not manage to win, your bankroll will still be in a decent condition provided that you wager 1%-2% of your betting funds.

Remember that flat betting is not about winning a life-changing sum in one spin. It is more about minimizing the risk of failure and resisting the temptation to increase your stake.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of applying the flat betting strategy. One of the main benefits is that the flat betting allows you to control your spendings and have a better idea of how much you win or lose per spin. In addition, you are protected against losing big amounts of money and even if you engage in playing roulette on not so lucky day, you might not leave the premises empty pocketed.

Some of the opponents of the flat betting say it gets boring to bet the same amount every time, but that is one of the safest methods for playing roulette as you do not put a large sum at risk and slowly lose to the edge.

While applying the flat betting system requires you to place the same bet over and over again, the progressive betting system makes you alter your bet, depending on how the game action unfolds. In other words, the progressive betting system makes it possible for the odds of winning to be altered, but the flat betting has more in common with the game probabilities, which makes it an excellent method for players who are not experienced or they do not want to use a more complicated system.

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Although the flat betting system is applicable to almost all table games, it is used predominantly for the game of roulette and blackjack. As already mentioned, the flat betting is good for newcomers since turning a profit at the end of your game is easier due to the fact that odds are just slightly against you. Moreover, you will not have to place a bet you are uncomfortable with or to resist placing a larger bet than you can afford.

The simplicity of the flat betting system is highly appreciated by players and the best of all is that there are no myths about it. Each spin of the roulette wheel or each throw of the dice during the game of craps is independent from the previous one and you can rely solely on your luck.

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