Martingale Betting System

casino-strategiesThe Martingale system is one of the oldest and currently most-used betting strategies by players all over the world. The origin of the strategy is yet unknown, but it is named after Mr. Henry Martingale, who was an owner of one of the most famous gambling houses in Britain in the 18th century.

The system, which is a negative progression, has become one of the most-loved because it is relatively simple, since there are no complicated calculations involved. The simplicity of the Martingale is considered exactly what has made thousands of players to try it at one time or another.

The Martingale strategy’s main idea originates from the theory that there is a low probability of hitting a large number of consecutive losing bets. Just like with any other negative progression, the system’s logic means that the player increases their stakes when losing, and decreasing them when winning.

How Does the System Work?

The Martingale betting system can be used for a variety of casino games, but is probably most commonly used at the game of roulette. It is especially appropriate for games that offer even money bets, but a lot of players also use it on the pass or don’t pass bets at the game of craps, at baccarat, blackjack, etc.

The truth is that there is nothing complicated about the system. It involves only doubling the player’s wager in times of losing, and resetting it to one-base unit in times of winning. Players have the freedom of determining the amount of their stake, although it is a good idea to keep it small.

Most casino players are looking for a betting system that would provide them with the chance of beating the house edge. The Martingale system is considered exactly what players need, as it is based on the theory that no losing streak could go on forever, so the player will sooner or later have to win.


Probably the best advantage of the Martingale betting system is that it can work in a short term. The strategy has also proven that it can even work for quite some time if the player does not enter a long-running losing streak.


One of the largest setbacks of the system, and of the negative progression strategies as a whole, is the fact that there is absolutely no guarantee that the player will not enter a losing streak that will last for too long.

In fact, the odds of winning each bet in line are always exactly the same as the odds of losing. Still, the system may be considered as too risky when a comparison between the potential profits and losses is made.

Variations of the Martingale System

There are several variations of the Martingale strategy, which are all based on the same theory and rules.

Mini Martingale

The Mini Martingale is associated with limiting the amount of double-up bets. This is considered a great advantage of the betting system type, as it prevents players from losing ridiculously large amounts of money. However, it could still end up in experiencing a longer losing streak without managing to generate a winning.

This variation of the original Martingale system works better in short-term, as it guarantees players that they will lose their money slowly.

Grand Martingale

The Grand Martingale variation of the original strategy has been created in order to help players overcome one of its main problems – the fact that in most cases the rewards are too low for the risk involved.

This is exactly why the Grand Martingale’s betting rule is slightly different from the standard one. The player needs to double their stake and also add an extra unit instead of simply doubling up after they lose a bet. The principle is simple – when they finally get a win, they are supposed to win more than a single-base unit.


The Anti-Martingale system is also known under the name Reverse Martingale, because what this variation does is actually turning the original system the other way round. So, instead of doubling up the bet after generating a loss, the player is supposed to double up after a win.

The main idea of the variation is that players can actually win pretty great amounts of money in case they enter a winning streak. Sensibility plays a key role here, as players need to know where to stop in order not to sacrifice their entire profits due to one loss only. The Anti-Martingale is considered a safer variation of the original system, but players must still remember it does not guarantee they will generate a win.

The Martingale Betting System in Blackjack

Martingale is one of the systems that is most-preferred in the game of blackjack, as it initially seems like a can’t-lost strategy. If it is chosen by the player, the latter is required to double up their bet in case of losing, and to return to their initial bet in case of winning.


Advantages of Martingale Betting System in Blackjack

The main concept, which is also considered as the greatest advantage of the Martingale strategy is the fact that gains are slowly made and still can be enough in order to fight back a following loss. In addition, in case that the player manages to hit a massive gain, this can compensate for any previous losses they have suffered.

Disadvantages of Martingale Betting System in Blackjack

As the Martingale strategy is a negative progression, it is considered more risky by default. The thing that is believed to be the greatest disadvantage is the fact that there is no guarantee that the player will not enter a long-running losing streak.

The Martingale Betting System in Roulette

As mentioned earlier, the Martingale system is mostly used by roulette players. It is true that the system needs a fairly sizeable bankroll, but it can generate massive profits when it comes short-term gameplay.

The main principle stays the same – the bet is increased whenever the player strikes a loss, and respectively, decreased when a win is generated.


Advantages of Martingale Betting System in Roulette

Apart from the possibility of generating large profits, the Martingale system is designed in a way to allow players to accumulate a large number of small winnings that bear very little risk or losing their entire bankroll.

Disadvantages of Martingale Betting System in Roulette

There is several issues that players need to have in mind when it comes to using the Martingale system in the game of roulette. First, the house edge of roulette cannot be overcome thanks to the betting system. This is why players need to be careful when managing their bankroll and make smaller bets that can prolong the gameplay.

The Martingale Betting System in Baccarat

Baccarat is traditionally a game with a low house edge, which means that players are provided with the opportunity to win massive prizes a lot easier. However, the coin always has two sides, which means that the players can easily generate winnings, but they can also easily strike a long-running losing streak.


Advantages of Martingale Betting System in Baccarat

One of the advantages of the Martingale betting system while playing baccarat is the fact that players can limit their possible losses by carefully managing their bankroll, implementing a stop-loss and also making lower bets.

Disadvantages of Martingale Betting System in Baccarat

The major disadvantage of the Martingale in a game of baccarat is considered the fact that the strategy is not able to overcome the house edge and no one can guarantee that the player will not enter a long-lasting losing streak that could end up with massive losses.

The Martingale Betting System in Craps

Some experts believe that players are provided with the lowest house advantage when playing a game of craps by using the Martingale betting system. Of course, there is no bet that does not have a house edge, but the edge is greatly lowered by implementing the Martingale strategy.

In this case, the best bets to be made are the Pass and Don’t Pass line bets, as well as the 6 and 8 place bets, the 4 and 10 buy bets, and of course, the Come and Don’t Come bets.


Advantages of Martingale Betting System in Craps

Apart from the lower house edge, the players are also provided with the opportunity to make lower bets and distribute them in time, so that they can play longer. In addition, the Martingale betting system offers the chance to make smaller bets in order to better control the bankroll.

Disadvantages of Martingale Betting System in Craps

Of course, there is no way of fully avoiding the house edge, but the Martingale system at least minimizes it. The odds of winning cannot be manipulated by using the strategy, so there are no guarantee that the player will manage to generate a winning after several unsuccessful bets.

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