Masse Egale Betting System

casino-strategiesMasse Egale is probably the most effective and easy to apply betting system, widely used by roulette players. In point of fact, it is a bit too excessive to call Masse Egale a system because of its simplicity but whatever the definition is, one thing is for sure – Mass Egale has proved itself to be among the best methods for minimizing the loses and leaving the game with some good profits even if you have had better days at the casino premises.

Masse Egale Betting System Basics

In a nutshell, the Masse Egale betting system consists of selecting one number and betting on it as many times as necessary until a winning is registered. Simple as that.

The length of your game session depends on how much you are eager to win. If you hit a winning streak at the very beginning of your game session, be prepared for a number of losing spins before the next winning one. The best thing you can do when using the system is to stick to either single or double win.

Just like the majority of betting systems, Masse Egale is not suitable for long-term play. The reason is that all casinos want the players to know that they are given a certain advantage over the House and they realize that the early winnings would encourage most of the players to continue wagering.

In point of fact, Masse Egale works without progression and it is predominantly applied when playing the internal fields during a roulette game. As compared to some other popular betting systems such as Paroli and Martingale, Masse Egale works in a completely different way and there is neither positive nor negative progression.

Bearing that fact in mind, every spin of the roulette wheel is independent from those that preceded it and you are supposed to put the same number of chips on the same field every time.

When it comes to roulette systems for playing external fields, you have a vast number to choose from including Martingale, D’Alembert, Paroli, etc. However, the Masse Egale system does not feature a progression and in this case it is applicable for an inner game, straight, Street, Split, etc.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

Although the probability of completing your game session with a solid payout is pretty high, Masse Egale also has a few disadvantages, the worst of which is related to the negative influence it has on the house advantage, represented by 0. In general, the house advantage is around 2,7% and your chances of hitting zero while playing internal bets are too small. The situation is a bit more favourable when it comes to the outside bets, though.

Let’s assume you hit zero while playing outside bets and your bet goes to the “prison”. The outcome of the next spin determines if you will get it back or the bank will take it.


If you intend to play roulette and apply the Masse Egale betting method, you have to be prepared for experiencing long series of loses but that should not bother you as in a great percentage of all cases, the loses are insignificant as compared to the winnings players register.

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