One Half Up Betting System

casino-strategiesIn general, casino players stick to two tactics for applying betting systems that significantly differ from one another. While the first one aims at increasing the profits by doubling the bet when winning, the other attempts at compensating for the losses by wagering more when having a losing streak. These two methods are known as positive and negative betting systems.

Below, you will find detailed information about one of the easiest to apply positive betting progressions, known as the “One Half Up” or the “50% Betting System”.

One Half Up Betting System Basics

One Half Up is a really widespread betting system, which requires the player to bet the same amount until they register two consecutive wins. Once that happens, they have to increase the bet by 50% of the initial bet.

In order to get a clearer idea of the essence of the system, here is an example of how the game action could possibly unfold.

Presumably, you place an initial bet of €10 and you win. However, at this stage you are not supposed to increase your bet yet, so before the second spin, you have place the same amount of €10. If the second spin is a winning one, the One Half Up betting system requires you to place half of the amount of the initial bet, which is €5.

In other words, after two consecutive winning spins, your wager is increased to €15. If you win once again, your fourth wager has to be €20 and so on. In case you lose during the cycle, you have to start all over but the good news is that after three winning spins, you have a profit of €15.

The simplicity of the system makes is appropriate for beginners who are still not used to memorizing betting sequences or they are not keen on making complicated estimates. Although the system is used with almost all kinds of table games, it is mainly used in blackjack.

You have probably noticed that players who apply the One Half Up system are among the most cautious ones who slowly but surely accumulate great winnings instead of taking unnecessary risks and wagering larger amounts. If you have some knowledge about the other betting systems, you must have spotted the similarities between the flat betting and the One Half Up system. However, the latter enables the player to gradually increase their bets and stretch the bankroll, while wagering the same amount of money minimizes the chance of losing a great part of your betting funds.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

As mentioned above, the system is suitable for players who do not have much experience in table games and want to improve their skills and have a better understanding of their preferred game. That’s not the only benefit of using the One Half Up betting system, though. It also allows the player to adjust the amount of the minimum bet and no significant bankroll is required for applying it. In case you experience losses they will be insignificant as the system does not allow the bet to be considerably increased.

Needless to say, the opponents of the One Half Up put forward arguments against its usage and claim that the player can lose a lot of money if a long losing streak prevents them from having two consecutive winnings. Plus, they dislike the fact that the winnings are slowly accumulated. Basically, the One Half Up system makes it impossible for the player to register winnings before the third spin.

Applying the One Half Up Betting System in Blackjack

Admittedly, blackjack is the game where the One Half Up betting system is most commonly used but it is applicable to every other table game, including but not limited to, baccarat, craps, roulette, where you are supposed to have two winning spins and increase your third bet with 50% and go back to the initial wager in case you lose.

However, if you apply the system in blackjack, you have to be informed in advance about the specifications.

One of the questions is how to act in the so called non-even money situations such as natural blackjack, double down, splitting and insurance. Although they do not have much impact on the betting system, they can be regarded as a chance to get some lucrative bonuses.

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