Positive Progression Betting Systems

casino-strategiesSince time immemorial, passionate players have been trying to think of an unusual and effective strategy for beating the house and after many unsuccessful attempts, contemporary players can enjoy a number of well-developed betting systems that help them get an advantage over the house and avoid leaving the casino empty pocketed.

Below, you will find detailed information about one of the ultimate betting systems namely the positive progression, used a great number of players keen on craps, roulette, baccarat, blackjack.

Positive Progression

In a nutshell, if you decide to opt for the positive progression betting system, you are required to increase your bet when you are winning and decrease it if you are losing. Although it looks really easy to do that, things are actually a but more complicated because it is difficult to make a precise prediction as to when the next lucky streak will occur and when it will end.

In other words, the essence of the positive progression consists of gradually increasing your bet when you have a lucky streak and then, slowly decreasing it when you lose. What makes it a preferred betting system is that basically you can never experience long series of loses.

Although the positive progression is compatible with the majority of casino games, experienced players say it works best with the game of craps. However, when using a positive progression system, you have to make sure you accumulate enough small winnings before you consider raising your bet. The latter is a critically important step you should not neglect as it is the key to having a profitable game session. Many players make the mistake of increasing their bets as soon as they enter a winning streak but failing to secure any profits turns out to be one of the reasons for their dissatisfaction upon the completion of the game session.

Using a positive progression betting system is not complicated and your profits can be considerably increased if you follow the rule of increasing the stake if you win and reduce it when you lose. Although neither the positive progression nor any other betting system is capable of determining the outcome of your game session, you are protected against losing a fortune in case you have a losing streak.

Let’s make an example and apply the positive progression betting system in the game of roulette. Imagine you have a base stake amounting €10 and you bet on red. Opting for the positive progression system means you are supposed to increase your stake with €10 every time you win and if you have a losing streak you have to place a stake of €10. Simple as that.

Here is how to estimate your eventual winnings. If red comes up five times and your base stake is €10, the amount you win totals €150. Your first bet will bring you €10, the second €20, the third, fourth and fifth will bring you €30, €40 and €50 respectively. If you make a stake of €60 for the sixth spin but you fail in guessing the right color, you lose your €60, which means your winnings will amount to €90.

If you, however, bet five times on black, you will lose €50 because you will not increase your bet. Basically, you will win more if you hit a winning streak and lose less if you enter a losing streak.

If you happen to engage in a really long winning streak, then you can make a really good profit. Even if 5 reds and then 5 blacks appear consecutively on the wheel, your roulette session will still be profitable.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Although the positive progression has proved itself as a successful system, it has its opponents as well and they claim that its efficiency when it comes to increasing players’ winnings is questionable. According to some experts, positive progression is not effective when you engage in a longer gaming session and say you will get the same result if you have betted the same amount every time.

Yet, if you intend to play for a limited period of time, there is no better system you can apply than the positive progression, especially if you are lucky to catch a winning streak.

As mentioned above, the betting system you use has no impact on the outcome of the game and there is no guarantee that you will be lucky enough to have such a long winning streak and you see that blacks or reds come up on the wheel in no consecutive order, you will most certainly lose money due to the following reason. Your first stake will be €10 and if you give a correct prediction what the color will be, it means you will increase your next stake to €20. However, if you fail in making a correct prediction, you will lose your €20.

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In conclusion, the positive progression betting system can considerably increase your profits especially if you happen to hit a longer winning streak. However, if you have a losing streak, your loses will be kept to the minimum.

As far as the variations of the positive progression betting systems are concerned, each of them has its advantages and disadvantages and you have to carefully select the variation that is the best for you. Some of the most widespread variations of the positive progression betting strategy are Paroli system, 1-3-2-6 system, Reverse Labouchere, which will be discussed as separate topics.

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