Best Paying Craps Variations

casino craps guideCraps has always been one of the most popular casino games that could be found in both a land-based and an Internet casino. The game has a rich history and an ancient origin that dates back to the Holly Roman Empire and the Crusades and is now among the most praised casino games preferred by players worldwide.

Traditional game of craps can normally be found in literally every brick-and-mortar and Internet casino. However, there are some craps variations that feature different odds, betting options or distinctive rules. Such variations are usually traditional for a certain region, but thanks to development of technologies they become freely available in Internet casinos all over the world.

Here are some of the most famous and best paying craps variations that can be found in online casinos worldwide.

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Crapless Craps

The Crapless Craps is also known as “never ever craps” and “ruse craps”. It is was originally created by Bob Stupak, whose goal was to invent a game of craps where the player could literally never lose a Pass Line Bet by landing the craps numbers 2, 3 and 12. This variation is played mostly in the region of Mississippi, and is also available in some online casinos. This type of the game offers better odds to the player due to the fact that the house advantage is reduced especially for the come-out rolls.

This variation of the game of craps is considered as one of the most favourable for players, as it is practically impossible for them to lose their money on a Pass Line bet in case that any of the craps numbers appears on the come-out roll.

In addition, as already mentioned, the house edge is reduced, while the odds are undoubtedly in the player’s favour. The fact that the game is not profitable enough for the casino is exactly the reason why Crapless Craps could hardly be found in the majority of land-based and online gaming venues. Still, players need to be aware of the fact that the house advantage on the Pass Line could vary from 1.41% to 5.38%.

High Point Craps

The High Point version of the craps game is considered pretty simple, actually. However, it is also a more serious deviation from the standard game of craps in comparison to some other variations of the game.

This variation is believed to be quite favourable for the player as the craps number 2 and 3 are fully ignored once they appear on the come-out roll and the dice are returned to be thrown again. The player directly wins if they succeed in throwing an 11 or a 12. Any other total is established as the point number and the player is required to roll a total that is larger than the point number in order to win the roll.

The High Point Craps offers even money pay-offs. The house edge offered by the game equals to 2.35%.

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Simplified Craps

As the game’s name suggests, this variation of the Craps game is quite simple. In fact, only one roll of the dice is thrown by the shooter. There is also a basic betting system, with no Pass and Don’t Pass Line bets, Craps or Natural numbers. The result is known after a single roll.

The outcome and payout, respectively, are determined by the specific number rolled by the player. If a total of 2, 3, 4, 10, 11 or 12 is thrown, the player wins. However, if a total of 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 is thrown, the player’s bet results in a loss.

The simple rules of the game make it very easy to understand, which is why it is ranked among the most-preferred mostly by beginners. In addition, the relatively low edge of 2.8% is also quite attractive.

Die Rich Craps

This variation of the craps game is probably more “exotic” than the rest types of craps, since it is played with one standard die only. On the other hand, it might be easier for a player who lacks a lot of experience to understand the features.

The player wins instantly in case they manage to land a 6 on the come-out roll. On the other hand, they instantly lose in case that the come-out roll results in a 1. any of the middle numbers between 1 and 6 established the so-called point numbers.

After the point is established, the player is given three more rolls to try and hit the point number once again without rolling a 1. In case that they fail to do that, the die is passed to the next player and the game starts from the beginning.

When it comes to the Die Rich variation of Craps, odds differ, depending on the moment when the player wins. If the win is generated on the come-out roll, it pays even money 1 to 1. When the player manages to throw the point number on the second or fourth roll, the odds are paid 2 to 1, and even money 1 to 1 are paid in case that the player throws the point on the third roll. If a proposition bet on the exact outcome of the upcoming roll is properly made by the player, it pays 4 to 1.

New York Craps

As the name suggests, the New York Craps variation is played predominantly in New York. It is also played in some parts of the UK and the Bahamas. The variation was created on the East Coast of the US, but it offers a higher house edge when compared to the regular game of craps.

In addition, the table layout is totally different from the regular craps table, because there are no Come and Don’t Come bets available, as well as Place and Space bets. Players are given the chance to bet on 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 10, but the casino will charge them 5% of their eventual winnings, which means that the house advantage is set at 5%.

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