Bet Progressions

casino craps guideIf you master the skill of constructing the craps bet patterns effectively, you will have a powerful tool for keeping the advantage of the house to reasonable levels. The best approach towards consistent winning without exposing your bankroll to unnecessary risks is taking advantage of a bet progression.

Although there is a number of negative progressions that guarantee at one point you will compensate for your losses and even turn a profit, you can hardly meet a theorist or experienced player who would recommend you to double your bet when losing. On the contrary – you are advised to increase your stake only when winning.

Having a strong understanding of streaks management guarantees profitable and trouble-free game sessions. If you do not have enough experience in playing craps, you are advised to stick to level betting sizes until you polish your skills and gain the confidence to employ a progression.

Let’s draw an example of the effect a loss and a win would have on your bankroll provided that you stick with the level bet size.

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Let’s presume that you make a $10 bet taking double odds with points on 6 or 8. You will need about $210 to cover one number. You will not change your $10 bet if you win.

If you make a $10 on the pass line and the point is 6, but you suffer a loss the next bet should amount to $30. However, if 7 is rolled before 6, you would lost $30, but you will be required to make the same bet. If you lose once more, you will lose a total of $60. If you lose 7 times in a row, you will lose $210 of your bankroll.

Let’s see what would happen if you win. If your $10 bet is backed by double odds and the point is 6, the wager should be $30 again. If you win, your winnings will amount to $34 and you will be supposed to make another bet amounting to $10.

If you win two times in a row, you are $68 ahead. Seven consecutive wins bring you an award of $238. However, it is important to remember that you are playing only the 6 and 8. If you used points such as 4 and 10 or 5 and 9 instead of 6, you would have generated more solid winnings, while the losses would have remained the same.

For instance, if your first point was 5 and your initial wager was $10, as much as $20 in odds and a total of $30 put at risk. If you win twice in a row you would win a total of $40. your win would amount to $50 if the points were 4 or 10.

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Straight Bet Progression Variations

When you play 2 come numbers and 1 pass line, you have several options aimed at improving the standard straight bet progression.

If your winning is inconsistent and you experience wins and losses at irregular intervals, that would inevitably damage your bankroll.

In this progression, the player is required to increase the bets by $10 every time a win is registered. If the first bet wins, it means the second wager must be $20, which is considered a significant jump. If the second bet is a winning one, the third wager must be increased by 50%.

In case the third bet is also a winning one, the fourth must be $40 or 33%. Basically, you are increasing at a decreasing rate. The first increase of 100% is the only one that is more significant.

However, the combination of double odds and line bet is considered a pretty aggressive one. If your initial bet was $10 and the double odds amount to $20, the entire bet totals $30.

Keeping the size of your bet relatively the same leads to the following progression: 10pr-15pt-20pt-25pt, etc.

You are still able to scoop a decent reaward during a winning streak and the impact of the chopping dice would be decreased.

Increase Bets Only When the Point is Made

Some players who have considerable experience in playing craps, suggest a bit of an unusual approach towards bet progressions. They regard every bet as an individual one no matter whether it is a pass line or a come. In case the bet is a winning one, the next bet is increased. If the second bet is also a winning one, the third is further increased. The losing bets are not increased until winnings are generated.

However, some other players consider that approach too aggressive because in order to show a profit, one needs to enter a pretty long winning streak. The faster you increase your bet, the more aggressive your strategy is.

You should consider increasing your wager when a point is made provided that you play a pass line bet with 2 come numbers. Then, the next bet is increased and if you follow the aforementioned progression $10-$15-$20-$25, the second bet should be $15, but the come bets remain at $10.

However, as the come bets repeat, they should also be increased in order to match the pass line bet. In case the come bets are repeated before the pass line wins, they are increased to $15 to match the pass line bet.

If the point is repeated once again, the next bet is supposed to be $20. The come bets are also increased to $20, so they match the pass line.

This approach is regarded as an intelligent way to increase your bets, so 7 is not as such a big threat anymore.

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Level Off Bet Progression

Understanding the craps streaks is essential for ensuring consistent profits and avoiding significant damages to your bankroll. Despite being extremely popular, the Martingale betting system is notorious for exposing your bankroll to unnecessary risks unless you have unlimited funds to wager. Basically, applying the Martingale system means you have to double your bet when losing.

Lets review an anti-Martingale betting strategy where one can turn a substantial profit if they leave the winnings up. If your first bet is $10 and it is a winning one, your second one should be $20. If you win, the third bet should be $40, etc. If you win seven times in a row, you will generate a profit of $1,270 for your $10 bet. If you continue playing, you risk losing not only your $10 bet, but also all generated winnings. So, you are advised to stop playing at some point even if you believe you are having a winning streak. The other alternative for keeping at least a part of your winnings is levelling off the size of your wager. This way, you keep a certain part of your winnings, but you have the opportunity to continue playing until a loss occurs. You are advised to level off the size of the bet after two or three winning points.

For example, you can start with a $20 bet and follow the progression $20-$30-$40-$40. If the first bet is a winning one, the second one should be $30. If you win once again, the third bet is $40. Then, you should remain $40 until the shooter rolls 7.

Bet Progression on the Don’t Side

The main objective of every player who uses a progression is to prevent serious damages to their bankroll and accumulate consistent winnings. Needless to say, losing streaks inevitably occur at a certain stage of your game but many players are uncertain as to how they can progress their bets when winning on the don’t side.

The first thing one should do is to choose a bet pattern. Let’s draw the following example: you place one don’t pass bet followed by 2 don’t come numbers. In most cases, the player establishes the three numbers, lays double odds against all three and keeps their fingers crossed that 7 will be rolled before any of the numbers repeat. However, there is another side of the coin. If the three bets are winning, one should increase their wager to the maximum amount they have previously determined. If only two of the bets win, you have to content yourself with a lower increase.

For instance, you start your game with a $20 wager, establish 3 numbers and lay double odds on them. If the shooter sevens out and all three bets are winning, the player is enabled to increase the bet to $30. If the next bet is also a winning one, the wager jumps to $40 and remains the same until a hot roll clears the table.

However, if you lose one of the numbers in the first game before 7 is rolled, your second bet should be $25 rather than $30. If you lose two numbers in the first game before the shooter sevens out, the bet is not increased. If you lose three numbers, the next bet should be $20. In case you lose more than three numbers, you are advised to switch to pass line or discontinue your gameplay. It is important to remember that you should protect your bankroll and keep the wagers to the minimum when the dice are not rolling in your favour.

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