Pass Line Bet Patterns

casino craps guideCraps Bet Patterns are considered different combinations of bets that would allow players to reduce their exposure to unwanted risk while drawing benefits form the winning streaks.

It is important for craps players to understand that there are more conservative and more aggressive strategies that could suit their needs depending on the situation, providing them with the chance to be flexible enough in order to take advantage on gameplay trends.

The bet patters normally reflect a number of factors, including the player’s experience, their personal preferences, their risk tolerance and bankroll amount, as well as their emotional state at the beginning of the gaming session.

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Pass Line Bet with 1 Come Bet

This bet pattern is considered not only relatively simple, but also effective. It required from the player to make one Pass Line bet and support it with Double odds as soon as the point is established.

After a point is established, the player needs to make one Come bet and then support it with Double odds again. This basically means that a player has two numbers that are working for them when choosing this pattern. In addition, players should also remember the fact that rolls of craps as well as eleven are ignored no matter if it comes to betting right or wrong. The full double odds are to back the two numbers at all times.

According to the bet pattern’s rules, if either one of the Pass or the Come number repeats and is won, the player is given the chance to immediately replace it with another number.

For example, if the Come number repeats and the bet wins, the player is granted with the winnings and are allowed to make another come bet and of course, back it up with Double odds. The other bet – in this case the Pass Line bet – remains unaffected.

And on the other way round – if the point number is repeated, the player’s Pass Line bet would win and would be paid off. In such case the player would be coming out again for a new roll, while their Come bet would not be affected by the repeating of the point and would remain as it is. Another Pass Line bet would be made, and once again the rolls of 11 and craps are ignored.

Normally, this bet pattern is widely preferred among more conservative craps players. It has two major advantages. First, the player is never exposed to risk too much thanks to the fact that they have two numbers covered at the same time. On the other hand, such a bet would considerably reduce the house edge. If all terms of the bet pattern are met, the casino advantage would equal 0.6%, while if the player prefers playing single odds, the house edge would be 0.8%. Of course, double odds are always recommended.

If this pattern is used properly by the players, it would provide them with the chance to play for a long time, not to mention the fact that they would be almost equal to the house. The bet pattern is not only relatively simple, but also a pretty safe and wise way to approach the game of craps, no matter if it comes to playing in a traditional brick-and-mortar casino or in an online gaming venue.

craps pass line with one come bet

Pass Line Bet with 2 Come Numbers

This type of craps bet pattern is considered a bit more aggressive from player’s point of view, as it allows them to gain more action while maintaining the house advantage at the bare minimum.

The Pass Line Bet with 2 Come Numbers pattern provides players with the opportunity to make a Pass Line bet followed by 2 Come bets instead of one and support each of them with Double odds. In other words, this pattern results into the player having three numbers covered. In addition, this would mean the player would risk more money, but should numbers start repeating, they would gain larger winnings.

Despite this bet pattern is considered a bit more aggressive, it is greatly preferred by players from all over the world primarily due to the fact that the house edge remains set at 0.6% when double odds are played on all numbers.

What is important for a player to keep in mind is the fact that odds on come bets are not working on Come out rolls, which actually means that the odds are not active. In other words, no matter what number is thrown over the come-out roll, the player could neither win or lose the Come bet’s odds.

In fact, a large number of pass line bettors would prefer to play some Come bets and support them with odds. The table will be coming out once more in case that the point number appears again. In such case, the pass line bettors would hope for a 7 to come out in order for them to generate a win on the Pass Line bet. On the other hand, if a 7 appears, these players are to lose their existing come bets plus their odds.

If this is the case, pass line bettors are given the chance to ask the dealer to take their odds bets down for the come-out roll. Then, they are allowed to re-establish the odds bets after a new point is rolled.

However, the underlying Come bet could not be taken down due to the house advantage on such bets.

craps multiple pass line bet

Pass Line Bet with 2 Come Bets Plus a Place Bet on 6 and 8

This is the most aggressive bet pattern that is offered to craps players. When it comes to the Pass Line bet combined with 2 Come bets with double odds and at the same time keeping the numbers 6 and 8 covered as Place bets, more money are put in play. In addition, players who choose such a bet pattern provide the house with a slightly bigger advantage.

When the numbers 6 and/or 8 are placed, the house edge amounts to 1.52%. Using such a pattern means that the player is focused in keeping the so-called “inside numbers” – 5, 6, 8 and 9 – covered. This rule applies particularly when it comes to the numbers 6 and 8, as they are considered as the cornerstones of the major rolls.

This bet pattern is started by the player making their Pass Line bet with Double odds. After that, the player makes two Come bets, both of which backed with double odds. In case that neither 6 nor 8 has been covered after the three numbers, the player should show the dealer that they would like to make Place bets on either 6 or 8, or both of them, depending on which number has not been covered yet.

What is important for the player is their Place bets to be of size equal to the Line bet. This also includes the double odds. If the bet pattern is implemented correctly, then the player could have as many as 5 numbers covered, but players should always bear in mind that all of these numbers are vulnerable to the 7. This is exactly the reason why this strategy should be used only by bettors who have enough experience and actually understand the volatility of the craps game.

In addition, what is important for craps players who prefer to use this pattern is to remember that odds on Come and Place bets are not active over the come-out rolls. As already mentioned, this is the bet pattern that is considered as most aggressive, meaning it offers the most action to players, but it also provides the largest risks.

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