Craps Tipping and Complimentaries

casino craps guideTipping the dealer is considered an act of courtesy that can further enhance your gambling experience, especially if you have a winning session. Tipping puts dealers on your side and they will be much more likely to assist you during your gameplay, be willing to tell the other players not to crowd the shooter or hold their bets, for instance.

How Much to Tip?

Many people do not even know that they have to tip the dealer or the cocktail waitress and even if they are aware that the etiquette requires them to leave a tip, they do not know how much it is appropriate to give.

Well, if you are among the $5 or $10 bettors, you should put at least $1 chip onto the pass line bet when you become the shooter. This way, the dealers will also be in the game and if your roll is a winning one, your tip will be generous. If your pass line bet wins, you receive $1 along with the pass line payout. Then, you are supposed to give the $1 to the Boxman and say “dealer money”.

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If you are a regular player at a certain casino and dealers know that you are tipping well, they are likely to have a more friendly attitude and even praise your excellent gambling skills in front of other players.

Dealers usually get a minimum wage and they rely on tips in order to get a better monthly income. They are not responsible for your wins or losses, so technically, you tip for the service, rather than for your winning or losing streak.

Apart from the dealers, the other employees responsible for making your stay at the casino pleasant and dependant on tips are the cocktail waitresses. If you get a complimentary drink, don’t forget to tip. Casino waitresses usually share their tips with the bartender. A tip of $1 per drink is considered fine. Even if you are about to use a gift card or a coupon, you are still expected to tip.

As for the dealer, you have two possible ways to give a tip. First, you can hand in your chips and say “For the dealers”. The second way is to bet for the dealers.

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When to Tip

Many players hesitate as to whether they should tip when they join a table or when they are about to leave the table.

You are advised to tip “as you go” or in other words you should tip during your gameplay. The latter applies especially if you have a winning streak.

Needless to say, dealers prefer to be tipped during your session, otherwise you might bust out and complete your game without sufficient funds to tip with. The best approach for a player is to bet for the dealers once or twice upon the beginning of their gambling session and then, if they wish so, they can further tip when they are about to leave the table.

Your early bets will be highly appreciated and you will be provided with a better service. Postponing the tipping for the end of your session is not beneficial to you given the fact early tipping provides you with better chances of being given a better service.

One of the most widespread ways to tip the dealer is to make the so-called two way bets. In other words, you make one bet for yourself and another one for the dealer. In most cases, these are prop bets. As already mentioned, the dealer appreciates every bet, but your courtesy would be even highly appreciated if you make a pass line bet next to yours. You don’t have to adhere to the predetermined table limits, though. These do not apply when it comes to dealers’ bets. Actually, dealers are supposed to take down the winning bets when they pay them.

Of course, you can always hand in the amount you wish right before leaving the table. However, the dealer won’t have a clue you are going to tip and therefore, you miss the opportunity to be provided with a better service. That is why most players prefer to make a small pass line bet for the dealer soon after they join the table.

Although dealers would appreciate every bet you make for them, you’d better choose a bet that has a low house edge such as Pass, Don’t Pass, Come, Don’t Come.

However, dealers nag when players make bad bets because they are usually considered a waste of tips. If you make a wager on Yo or hardways, you basically tip the casino rather than the dealer himself and such types of wagers are as discouraging to dealers as they are to players.

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