Don’t Pass Bet

casino craps guideAs already mentioned in the previous chapters of this guide, the game of craps could be quite hard, especially when it comes to players who are not experienced enough. The great variety of bets and options could be a bit scary for a player who is not used to the craps table layout and the game’s rules.

The Don’t Pass Bet

The Don’t Pass bet is another quite popular wager in the game of craps. An interesting fact is that players who prefer to use the Don’t Pass bet are normally known as “wrong” players as what they do looks like betting against the shooter, who is considered a “right” player.

This is exactly why the players who prefer Don’t Pass bets are recommended to keep a low profile. After all, they are the only ones to win when the rest of the players lose, and vice versa.

In fact, the Don’t Pass bet is almost exactly the opposite thing of the Pass Line bet. Just like the Pass Line bet, it is a self-service bet. This means that players are allowed to place their chips in the special Don’t Pass area by themselves without the dealer’s assistance.

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The essence of the Don’t Pass bet is that the players who choose the Don’t Pass bet hope that the dice would land on 2, 3 or 12 after being rolled by the shooter. As already explained earlier, these three numbers are called “the craps numbers”. Landing the dice on any of them in this case is when you win.

The Don’t Pass bet is the opposite one of the Pass bet, which basically means that the player loses if the numbers 7 or 11 come out after the dice is rolled.

Players are allowed to remove or reduce their Don’t Pass bet once the shooter has come-out on a point. These bets lose in case that the shooter makes his point, but they win even money if a “seven-out” is thrown by the shooter.

The Don’t Pass bets pay 1 to 1 odds, which make them quite fair. The actual odds of winning such a bet are 976:946, which is actually quite close to the even payout. In addition, mathematically this is the best bet a player could possible choose, not to mention the additional don’t pass odds bet, which would reduce the house advantage to almost nothing.

When using the Don’t Pass bet, players are provided with the chance to make a bet on don’t pass free odds in addition to their initial bet. The odds bet feature no house edge, which is great on mathematical point of view. Players, however, should be aware of the fact that this bet is not displayed anywhere on the craps table, which is exactly why the don’t pass free odds bet is sometimes known as a secret bet.

As mentioned above, the house edge of the casino for the Don’t Pass bet is quite small, which makes this type of craps bet one of the best options for players. The house advantage for the Don’t Pass is 1.36% per bet made. The casino advantage equals to 1.40% per bet resolved and is only 0.40% when calculated per roll.

craps dont pass bet

Possible Outcomes of the Don’t Pass Bet

Several outcomes are possible when a player chooses the Don’t Pass bet.

As this bet is almost the exact opposite of the Pass Line bet, the player who prefers to place their wager on the Don’t Pass line wins whenever everyone else lose. And vice versa – whenever the rest of the players around the craps table are winning, the player who has placed a Don’t Pass bet is losing.

If we need to put this rule in other words, the by using the Don’t Pass bet a player actually bets against the “natural” numbers 7 and 11. This basically means that whenever 7 and 11 come out, the player loses.

On the other hand, if a 2, 3 and 12 is rolled by the shooter, the Don’t Pass bet wins.

Players who choose the Don’t Pass bet should also be aware of the fact that there are some casinos that would not let them win in case a 12 comes out. The exception was needed to be made by such casinos in order for them to give the house a certain percentage on Don’t Pass Bets. In fact, such a bet neither wins, nor loses. Instead, if a 12 is rolled, such casinos consider that the wager results in a push (a draw), so they refund the money. If there is such an exception, it would be listed on the craps table layout as “Bar 12”, with “bar” meaning the same as “except” in this case.

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