Free Odds Bet

casino craps guideCraps players could take advantage of a great variety of bets that offer them different opportunities. The Free Odds bet has proved itself as one of the most advantageous wagers available up to date not only when it comes to the game of craps, but also in the casino offerings as a whole.

The fact that the bet does not feature any house advantage makes craps experts recommend players to make it every time when available, as it is considered a relatively easy way for them to generate big winnings.

Free Odds Bet

The Free Odds bet is probably the most powerful one in the game of craps. This type of wager, however, could not be used freely. Players are required to have placed a Pass/Don’t Pass bet or a Come/Don’t Come bet in order to take advantage of the Free Odds bet.

The Free Odds bet is an unusual one. Not only it is bound to another bet that should be made before it, but it also lacks a house edge, which makes it highly-preferred option for craps players in both land-based and online casinos. In addition, there is no real indication on the craps table layout of this kind of bet or what pays. Still, every major casino offers the Free Odds bet and every player, regardless of their experience, should take advantage of it to the fullest.

The only tiny detail that could be taken as a disadvantage is the fact that the Free Odds bet must be played in conjunction with another wager. In addition, craps players must bear in mind that using the Free Odds bet in combination with one of the so-called “flat” bets does not strip the casino of its advantage over the player. Still, in such cases the house advantage is pretty small in comparison to most other bets.

Of course, the more Free Odds bet a player uses, the more they reduce the casino’s advantage. The catch is that when used in combination with a flat bet such as the Pass, Don’t Pass, Come and Don’t Come bets, the Free Odds still has a house advantage. When alone, the bet has zero house edge due to the fact that the casino pays true odds for this bet.

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How Does Free Odds Bet Work?

As already mentioned above, the Free Odds bet is required to be used in conjunction with another bet. If any of the “craps numbers” (2, 3 or 12) is rolled by the shooter, then a point number (4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10) must be established. The same also applies in case that a 7 or an 11 comes out. Once the point is established, players are provided with the chance to access the Pass/Don’t Pass or Come/Don’t Come bets.

Players must remember that they are allowed to place a wager on the Free Odds bet in multiples of their initial bet amount used in the flat bet. Most casinos feature multiples of 1x, 2x or 3x, but there are some casinos that allow players to place wagers that are 10, 50 and even 100 times bigger in comparison to the original odds bets. Normally, the larger the wager on the Odds bet, the lower the house advantage is.

The odds bet wins when the point number comes out before a 7 is rolled by the shooter. Players, however, should bear in mind that the number 7 is the most frequently rolled number, followed by 6 and 8. Then, there are 9 and 5, and 4 and 10 that are the least frequent of the point numbers.

Taking Odds on Pass Line Bets

Players are allowed to “take odds” when they have made a Pass Line bet. The Odds bet can be used whenever there is a point and represents the player’s belief that the shooter will make his point. The payout depends on the player’s point for the pass line bet.

The payout ratio of 6 and 8 is 6:5, while 5 and 9 pay out 3:2. The least frequent point numbers – 4 and 10 – pay out 2:1 odds. These ratios, however, are applied when it comes to the Free Odds bet alone. The original Pass/Don’t Pass and Come/Don’t Come line bet are still to be paid 1:1 in case that the Odds bet wins.

When taking the odds on a Pass Line bet, the player needs to put their check right behind the Pass Line bet. In addition, the Free Odds bet can be increased, decreased or removed at any time when there is a point for the pass line.

Laying Odds on Don’t Pass Bets

When choosing the Don’t Pass bet, the player bets against the numbers 7 and 11, and is considered being at a disadvantage, as there is a total of eight combinations of these numbers that could cause the don’t pass bet to lose. At the same time, there are only three combinations of 2 or 3 that could help them win. This, however, changes once the shooter has established a point.

When a point is established, the advantage passes to the player who has chosen the Don’t Pass bet, so they must “lay” odds in case they want to bet more money on the probability that the shooter would not make their point.

craps free odds bet

Taking Odds on Come Bets

As already explained above, players can take advantage of the Free Odds bet in cases when they have originally used a Come bet. So, in cases of Come bets, players take odds in a way that is very much alike taking odds on Pass Line bets. However, there is one major difference, which is such bets are not self-service ones, which means that communication between the dealer and the player will be required.

So, players would have to tell the dealer exactly what they would like to do in order for them to make such a bet. In addition, they are provided with the opportunity to reduce, increase or totally remove their odds bet at any time by telling the dealer what they would like to do.

In addition, players should be aware of the fact that odds taken on Come bets are automatically off when it comes to the come-out roll.

Laying Odds on Don’t Come Bets

Laying Odds on Don’t Come bets looks almost exactly like laying the odds on Don’t Pass bets, but they are not self-service bets, too. In case they would like to Lay odds on their Don’t Come bet, players will need the assistance of the dealer.

Of course, players are also allowed to make changes to their bet, by increasing, decreasing or removing it. In order to do such a thing, they would have to communicate with the dealer once again and tell them what to do.

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