“No Call Bets” Rule

casino craps guideAnyone who has ever joined the craps table for a few dice throws is well familiar with the fact this game has a lot to do with adhering to etiquette. This applies to players and employees alike as both sides are required to follow particular rules while at the table. Thus, the chips for certain types of wagers can be placed only by members of the personnel like the boxman and the stickman, who actually is in direct control of the entire table. Players, who wish to place Any Craps or Horn bets, for instance, are required to call out the wagers and simply toss their chips on the layout for the stickman to place in the respective betting box.

Of course, in order to make a wager, one is expected to have enough chips or money to exchange for more chips to play with. The reason for this is simple – most brick and mortar venues do not accept the so-called “Call” bets at their craps tables so players are not allowed to participate in the game on credit.

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The “No Call Bets” Rule

It would be best to start by explaining in more detail what a call bet is. When a given player places a call bet, they practically have the dealer or another staff member book a bet for them provided that they don’t have any chips left on the rack or enough money in hand to convert to more chips. The player simply announces or calls out what their wager should be and the casino extends a credit to him or her. More often than not, playing on credit is not an option as many gambling venues have introduced the “No Call Bets” rule to their craps tables which prohibits players from calling out any last-moment wagers, if they don’t have enough chips on the rack to cover them.

Thus, if you only have a solitary $5 chip on the layout, but wish to place a $25 bet on 5 and 9, calling out your wager and fishing in your pocket for the other $20 will fail to produce the desirable effect. The dealer will announce “No Call Bets” and will not accept your wager, simply because they are not permitted to do so. You are expected to exchange your money for chips prior to calling out the bet, so that the personnel can see your bill in plain view. This is to indicate you have sufficient funds to cover your wager, provided that you lose. If it was the other way around and you had a $100 chip on the layout, the dealer will announce “It’s a bet” to indicate your wager is accepted and then will return the remaining $50 to you.

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There are several reasons why many gambling venues have enforced the “No Call Bets” rule at their craps tables. First of all, this rule aims to prevent scams from taking place at the casino’s expense. Back in the day, unscrupulous players would simply join the craps table while the dice were in mid air and would call out their bets, even if they had no chips on the layout or enough money to cover the wagers, if they lost. If the number they’ve bet on showed up, they would practically collect winnings they are not entitled to and walk out.

Con artists, however, are not the only reason why the “No Call Bets” rule exists. Craps is an exceptionally fast-paced game and dealers often do not have sufficient time to properly arrange all chips on the layout as this would slow down the game and spoil it for the players. So the stickman is not required to necessarily place all wagers in their corresponding betting boxes in order for the bets to become valid. The “No Call Bet” rule could have been introduced to avoid confusion as originally the minimal stake at the craps table was 25 cents. So if someone called out a “three fifty” bet in the very last moment, this could be interpreted in two ways – $3.50 and $350. Today, cents are no longer accepted and chips with such denominations are not used in the game, but the “No Call Bets” rule probably dates back to the period when they were.


As you can see, complying with certain rules while at the craps table is essential. Make sure you have sufficient number of chips to cover your bets prior to calling them out when the dice are in mid air. If you do run out of chips at a certain point, but do wish to continue playing, we recommend you to exchange your money for more chips prior to calling out your bet as otherwise it may not be accepted.

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