The Pass Line Bet

casino craps guideThe game of Craps offers a great number of bets, odds and options, which is exactly why it is considered as one of the hardest games to play in a casino. This could look pretty intimidating to a player who does not have enough experience, but the good news is that they can quickly learn the basics.

What players need to be aware of before diving in the world of craps is the fact that most bets are marked on the game’s table layouts in all casinos in a similar way, regardless if it comes to land-based or web-based ones. This basically means that most cases all craps tables look very much alike, except for some really tiny differences as for example the colour and the letter or number style.

Of course, there are some casinos that offer special and unique bets for their customers, but still, differences between the main rules of the game and the table layout are small. In addition, all special bets are marked clearly on the table layout, so players could easily check them whenever they like.

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The Pass Line Bet

The game of craps is considered to be based mainly around the pass line wager. In fact, statistically about 90% of all players who enter a craps table, play the pass line, including the more experienced ones.

The pass line area is actually a long narrow bar that wraps around the other bets at each end of the table, which makes it easily accessible to all players.

The Pass Line bet is among the most commonly used wagers in the game of craps. The first thing players should know about it is that it is a self-service bet, which basically means that casino customers make the bet themselves and would not have to wait for the dealer’s help in order to place their chips on the Pass Line.

This is also a line bet due to the fact that the players’ chips can be placed on a large line area on the table layout. In addition, the Pass Line bet is widely-preferred by casino players in both brick-and-mortar and web-based casinos, because it is a relatively simple bet.

In fact, the Pass Line bet is one of the two main bets that exist in the game of craps.

As already mentioned above, the bet is made by the players themselves, as it is a self-service one. Casino customers would simply have to place their chips on the pass line section of the table layout that is located directly in front of them.

The Pass Line bet is a simple bet. The player puts a wager on the probability that the shooter will roll a 7 or an 11. If such a thing happens, the bet wins. Players should also know that the 7 and 11, as well as the “craps numbers” 2, 3 and 12 are considered as “natural” ones due to the fact that if one of them is thrown on the come-out roll, the Pass line bet either immediately win or lose.

No matter how the game of craps may look like, the Pass Line bet is not that difficult to understand. It is all about predicting the possible outcome of the shooter’s roll, and the rules are actually quite simple to understand.

Pass Line bets always pay even money, so they are always paid 1 to 1. Players should also remember that once the shooter has come-out on a point, the players are not allowed to remove their bet or reduce its amount until it wins. Statistically, the actual odds are 251:244 of winning the bet, and the casino’s house advantage on such bets is usually quite a small one. The house edge for the Pass Line bets amounts to 1.31% per bet made and per bet resolved, while it equals to 0.42% per roll.

However, when a Pass Line bet is made, players can wager an additional bet that is usually called a “pass line free odds bet”. Such a bet is normally made after the point has already been established and is considered as one of the best mathematical wagers a player could make over a game of craps since there is no house edge on such bets. In addition, many casinos provide their customers with double or even triple odds, which basically means that a player can bet two or three times the amount of their pass line bet.

craps pass line bet

Possible Outcomes of the Pass Line Bet

If a player makes a Pass Line Bet, there are three possible outcomes of the roll.

As already mentioned, the player wagers that a 7 or an 11 would come out of the roll. This is actually the first outcome that could occur after the shooter rolls the dice. So, in case that a 7 or 11 come out, the player who has made a Pass Line bet wins.

The other possible outcome of the roll is related with the chance of the shooter to roll a 2, 3 or 12. These are known as “the craps numbers” and if they come out, the player loses their bet.

The third, and last possible outcome for the craps player who has chosen the Pass Line bet is for the shooter to land the dice on one of the so-called “point numbers”, including 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10. If such a thing happens, the shooter would have to roll the same point number as they did before rolling a 7 in order for the player to win the Pass Line bet.

Craps players who prefer the Pass Line bet must be aware of the fact that the 7 is the most probable number to roll out in comparison to all the others. This means that such a player would be provided with an advantage on the come-out roll and with a disadvantage in case of a point number being rolled.

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