Playtech Craps

playtechlogoCraps is one of the most exciting and entertaining casino games in both brick-and-mortar and Internet-based venues. Although the craps has always been one of the hardest games in the casino offerings, it brings a lot of excitement to players who are given the chance to choose if they would prefer playing in a land-based or an online casino.

Thanks to the development of technologies, craps players from all over the world are free to place wagers directly from their homes by choosing the online craps game provided by Playtech. One of the finest casino and gaming software providers has made sure it offers the best craps gaming options in order to meet not only the highest standards in the business, but also the preferences of their customers.

Playtech Craps

Online casino games such as craps are available for players worldwide. Various web-based casinos has preferred the special craps software developed and provided by Playtech. The latter has been one of the leading forces in the Internet gaming industry since 1999. The company is one of the first in the business that started using licensed movie brands for games such as the Untouchables and Gladiator, for example.

The casinos that have joined forces with one of the largest and most stable gaming software providers could depend on a variety of gaming options, and can ensure safety to their customers. In addition, high-definition graphics and live dealers offerings are probably among the most famous trademarks of the brand.

The craps game offered by Playtech features excellent characteristics. Apart from the high-quality layout and sounds that make the experience as realistic as possible, the craps game developed by Playtech has 3x odds. In addition, it is available for both real money and practice play and is easily accessible via download or Flash. Unfortunately, US casinos do not provide their local customers with the chance to reach the game.

playtech craps

Playtech Craps Features

Although that it is hard for a player to find any major differences in the layouts or the major features of the craps games offered online, Playtech’s craps tables are easily recognizable. Apart from the fact that they are characterized with excellent graphics and animation, there are also some other features that players can expect to find.

The Playtech software offers the players the chance to see all their entire Roll History. This basically means that a special log of all current and previous bets is made no matter if these bets were won or lost. The history is provided as a chart on the screen, so every player could keep track of their bets placed.

In addition, the game of craps offered by Playtech features an oversized dice. Of course, this is not so realistic, but larger dice are fun to watch and easier to see. Still, the gaming provider has done its best in order to provide a game as realistic as possible, excluding the oversized dice. The players are provided with the chance to adjust parts of the game’s gameplay and design in a way that would be most convenient for them. For example, they can turn off the dealer’s voice if they do not want to hear it, or mute the special sound effects.

Unfortunately, no live dealer craps table is provided by Playtech up to date, unlike other games of the provider that are currently available in live dealer versions.

playtech craps pass line bet

Playtech Craps Odds

What is important for online craps players to learn is the fact that the craps version of Playtech features excellent odds. For example, its Field bet pays double for both 2 and 12. In addition a 3x multiplier applies whenever a Pass, Don’t Pass, Come or Don’t Come bet is made.

Of course, both Buy and Lay bets are available, and the proposition bets feature some of the best pay-outs online. When it comes to the proposition bets, the craps game provided by Playtech pays out 10 to 1 on hard 3s and 4s, and 8 to 1 on hard 5s and 2s.

What is important for players to take into account is the fact that the bet odds at Playtech craps are displayed in a somewhat untraditional way. Some of the odds are displayed in a different way, but they actually work out the same as the regular odds. This is exactly why players should always remember to check out the game’s rules, especially in case they are to play the game for the first time.

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