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casino craps guideCraps is a wonderful option for players who enjoy the action of fast-paced games. The great news is many web-based casinos have emerged in the past two decades, making it possible for craps enthusiasts to roll the dice from the comfort of their homes or while on the go since most gaming providers are available in both desktop and mobile formats. Playing via a computer does not take anything away from the game as most craps variants in online casinos boast superb visuals, authentic sounds and smooth, yet action-packed gameplay. Software developers have managed to capture the very essence of craps, but the online version differs from the game played in landbased venues in several aspects, the most important of which is the way the outcome of the dice roll is determined in.

In the interest of fair gaming, all web-based casinos have implemented RNGs (Random Number Generators) into their craps variants. Thus, the outcome of each roll of the dice is based on a random principle as it is determined by long sequences of numbers or algorithms. In addition to its absolute randomness, online craps has plenty of other advantages to offer as it allows for greater convenience and enables players to enjoy the game at their own pace.

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How the RNG Works in Craps?

At landbased casinos, the outcome of a dice roll is related to the dice’ initial position and the way the shooter throws them. To ensure randomness, the shooter is expected to throw the dice in such a manner so they can hit the end wall of the table and bounce back. However, things are quite different when one enjoys the game online, although randomness is always at hand.

As mentioned above, the outcome of dice rolls in online craps is determined by algorithms, produced by RNGs. Their purpose is to create a random set of numbers the moment the player places their virtual chips on the table to make a bet. In some cases, the RNG transforms the so-called “seed” number which is a longer sequence into yet another number, corresponding to a specific result or in this instance, a dice combination. This transformation of sequences into integers is performed using a complex formula.

More often than not, time itself functions as a seed since the RNG takes a fraction of a second when a given player places a bet, runs it through the complex formula and produces a random integer corresponding to a specific outcome. For example, if the final number produced by the Generator ranges between 25 and 60, the roll of the virtual dice will add up to the total of 7 and the player will win with a Pass Line bet.

Some players worry over fairness when playing online, but the truth of the matter is such concerns are completely ungrounded. Most established gaming providers willingly submit their games to independent audit companies to test and monitor the results produced by their RNGs. So sceptical dice fans can rest assured everything is fair and square in an online game of craps.

Differences in the Table Layout

The greatest difference dice fans will spot when they join the virtual craps table is the layout itself. Anyone who has ever played a game of craps at a landbased casino knows the table can be divided into three sections. The section to the left covers Field, Pass and Come bets and is mirrored by the section to the right, where the same bets are placed. Proposition bets, on the other hand, are placed in the middle section of the layout which is manned by the stickman.

In online craps, the table can be divided into two sections only – the middle and one of the two end sections. This can be easily explained by the fact online craps is played by individual players, while the landbased table is designed in such a way so that many people can join and participate by placing bets. Another thing you might notice is the absence of an actual dealer in the online version. Players place their chips on the table on their own and then simply click on the “roll” button. However, some variants of online craps feature animated players who shoot the dice.

casino craps table

Advantages of Playing RNG Craps

Craps is an exceptionally fast-paced game with peculiar jargon and etiquette to follow. As such, it can be extremely intimidating for beginners. The shouts of enthusiastic players, the crowd of observers and the personnel at the table will suffice to discourage craps novices from joining in. That is why, RNG craps poses as a great alternative as it enables beginners to play from the comfort of their homes at their own pace. We have listed some of the greatest benefits of playing RNG craps.

No Human Element to Control the Dice

The greatest advantage of playing craps on the web results from the fact no human is involved in the game. The outcome of each dice roll is determined at random by the game’s software. As the game is played with two dice, respectively two number generators are involved, one for each die. At first glance, this might seem like a minor difference, but it still has an impact on the statistical odds for combinations rolls.

As you know, some players attempt to set the dice in a specific manner, hoping to produce one particular combination when they throw them on the table. Dice setting requires lots and lots of practice but occasionally players succeed in controlling the roll. In fact, even if a given player fails to produce the desired effect, dice setting will still affect the statistical odds for the game. RNGs, on the other hand, couldn’t care less about which combination the roll results in.

No Etiquette to Comply with

Complying with the game’s etiquette when playing in landbased venues is without question one of the greatest challenges craps novices face. There are over 20 bet types in this dice game, and not all of them are placed by the player. Proposition bets, for example, are placed solely by the stickman. The dice need to be handled in a particular manner as players are not allowed to take them over the rail. The two dice always need to be in the stickman’s plain view. Also, the jargon used in the course of the game is confusing to many.

No Tipping

Tipping is yet another aspect of the live game you won’t have to deal with when playing at home. Placing two-way bets for the dealers is a common practice among craps players, especially when the latter are on a winning streak. However, when playing at home, you are not required to tip anyone as there is practically no one there to tip. This will save you a good deal of money (and efforts) in the long-run.


Greater Convenience

It certainly is not difficult to see convenience is the greatest advantage of enjoying this dice game at home. Above all, RNG craps allows beginners to play at their own pace and consider carefully what their next bet should be. In comparison, in landbased venues players are not allowed to fidget for too long before shooting the dice as this will slow down the game, much to other participants’ displeasure. Once everyone has made their bets, the shooter is expected to throw the dice and there’s no way around it. The fact you are not required to constantly mind your chips on the table and protect them from some player’s sticky fingers will further add to your convenience.

Playing craps online also enables you to practice for a while in Free Play mode. This will allow you to experiment with different bet types until you get used to the game, not to mention, it will save you lots of time as your bets and payouts will be settled automatically by the software after each roll. Using smaller chips denominations will enable you to gradually build up your bankroll. There are no chips with cents denominations in landbased venues, but when playing online, it is possible to place a 25 cents bet for instance.

Bonuses and Loyalty Points

Playing craps online provides players with the opportunity to claim various bonuses and participate in different ongoing promotional offers, which is yet another way to extend your bankroll and therefore, to prolong your gaming session. In most cases players’ deposits are matched accordingly with various reload bonuses, and using those is a great way to experiment with more exotic bet types. Soon you will notice diversifying your betting pattern is much easier when you are not putting your own money on stake.

In addition, each real money wager you place will earn you a specific number of Comp or Loyalty points which you can convert into actual cash. Sometimes players are allowed to withdraw the money, but most opt for playing with their Comp funds some more.

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