The Place Bet

casino craps guideAlthough that the game of craps is sometimes considered as too hard, it is widely-preferred in both land-based and Internet casinos. The great variety of bets provides players with the chance to choose the best ones for them and offers them excitement and excellent gaming experience.

The Place Bet

The so-called Place bet is considered as a pretty simple one. To be precise, there are two different types of Place bets. The first one is called “Place bet to win”, and the other one is called “Place bet to Lose”.

The Place bets could be made at any time over the game. In addition, the popularity of the Place bets is extremely large among players from all over the world due to the fact these wagers offer fast action. In fact, when played online, action of such bets does not require no waiting time. In addition, a great advantage of the Place bet is the fact that it could be made or taken down whenever the player wants, which is why it is called a “standing” bet.

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When it comes to making a Place bet, players actually wager on the numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10. If they have chosen to put their wager on the “Place to Win bet”, the player actually bets on the probability of the shooter rolling any of above-mentioned numbers before rolling a 7. On the other hand, when the “Place to Lose bet” is made, the player wagers on the chance for a 7 to be rolled by the shooter before rolling any of these numbers.

There are three possible outcomes of such a bet. First, the place number could appear and then the player wins. Then, the player loses his bet in case that a 7 appears. The third outcome includes any other number that could appear apart from the place numbers and the 7, this would mean nothing in terms of winning or losing.

Sometimes, players who use the place bet use all of the aforementioned numbers for maximum action. This strategy, however, is not consistent enough which makes it inappropriate for long-term betting. In addition, the player would need a large bankroll in order for him to cover all six winning numbers.

craps place bet to win

Place Bet Payout Options

This type of craps bet offers payouts that are quite good, especially in comparison to the ones provided by other craps bets. As a matter of fact, the payouts are nearly identical to true odds, but are usually a bit smaller.

The actual odds of rolling a 4 or a 10 are 2 to 1. When the shooter throws a 5 or a 9, the odds equal 3:2, while the odds of them throwing a 6 or an 8 are 6:5. As already mentioned, the payouts of winning Place bets are pretty good. The payouts for rolling a 4 or 10 are 9 to 5. players get 7:5 for rolling 5 or 9, and 7:6 for rolling 6 or 8.

Regardless of the fact these payouts seem as relatively good, they are slightly lower in comparison to the ones of true odds. In addition, the house edge varies depending on the combination rolled. For example, the casino advantage is the largest in the cases when a place 4 or 10 are rolled and amount to 6.67%, which is a pretty high house edge. When a place 5 or 9 have come out, the casino advantage equals 4.00%, while the house edge is the lowest for rolling out a place 6 or 8 – 1.57%.

As it can be seen, the house holds a substantial advantage over the player who has chosen to use a Place bet, especially on the outside numbers. Of course, all of these numbers could be covered through the pass line or come box. In case that they are played with the Free odds bet, they would provide the casino with less than 1% advantage. However, there is a difference when played with the Place bet, as the player is given the chance to select the number and go directly to it.

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