Understanding Craps Streaks

casino craps guideStreaks are an inseparable part of the craps gambling process and understanding their nature might help you accumulate solid winnings or vice versa – if managed improperly, losing ones can damage your bankroll.

Anyway, the understanding of streaks is considered a major element in establishing an effective strategy not only for the game of craps, but for every other game that requires both luck and a certain set of skills.

By definition, a streak is an event which has a 50% chance of happening two times or more in a row. According to a popular misbelief, if an event of 50% probability has happened three or four times in immediate succession, the opposite event is about to happen the next time. However, experienced players say that no matter how many times in a row an event has happened, there was still a 50% probability to happen once again.

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In order to get a better idea of how essential the proper streaks management is, let’s illustrate their importance with an example. Presumably, you would like to apply the classic Martingale system to your game of roulette. The Martingale is without a doubt, one of the most popular betting systems for quite some time. It is also considered a foolproof strategy for recovering from your losses and turning a profit. In brief, the Martingale requires you to double your bet every time you lose. Basically, you can lose, say it, 4 consecutive times and win on the fifth time, which means you have won 20% of your bets and lost the remaining 80%.

Let’s further investigate the faults of the system. Presumably, you have made a minimum bet of $10 and you have suffered a loss, which means you were required to increase your wager to $20. If a second loss has occurred, your third bet was supposed to be $40. If the third bet was a losing one, the fourth would be $80 and so on. Once you win, you compensate for your losses and even turn a small profit.

However, if you enter a losing streak and experience a number of losses, you have to make a considerable wager and eventually, at some point make up for these losses and generate a small profit. However, players who can take pride in having an unlimited bankroll or nerve are few. If your minimum bet was $10 and you have had 9 consecutive losses, your 10th wager must be $10, 230. In other words, the small profits can hardly wipe out the previous significant losses.

the game of craps in casino

The above scenario is a vivid example that mismanaged losing streaks can have a devastating impact on your bankroll. On the other hand, if managed properly, the losing streaks can cause minimum damage to your bankroll provided that you increase your bet when you win rather than when you lose.

As far as streaks for the game of craps are concerned, there are two statements that actually contradict with each other. The first one is that nobody can predict the numbers that will come out the next time the dice are rolled. The second one is that if you keep a close eye on the dice, you can learn how to capitalize streaks.

Well, although these two statements contradict each other, there is a reasonable explanation and understanding them is considered a key factor for ensuring consistent winnings. If you apply a proper strategy, a winning streak of 4 or 5 passes would provide with with a decent payout. But if you win twice in a row, how do you know that this was the beginning of a winning streak? Are you sure that the dice will pass for the third or fourth time? Actually, this is impossible, but you can master the bet progressions in order to take advantage of the winning streaks and learn when losing streaks occur.

According to players with considerable experience in playing craps, the best way to learn the nature of streaks is by playing and gaining experience. However, they recommend you to polish your skills at home before placing a big real money wager at a casino.

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