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Baccarat by Playtech

Playtech brings us their vision of what the Baccarat online must look like – polished, though simplistic and minimalistic. This game follows standard Baccarat rules and doesn’t splurge on too complicated animations or visuals, delivering a robust and user-friendly experience.

The game plays as follows: the player bets on either his hand, the banker’s hand or for a tie. Once the bet is in place, the dealer deals two cards for both the banker and the player; whoever has a hand value closer to 9 wins the opponent’s bet, while a tie pays 9 for 1!

The hand values are calculated as per standard Baccarat – each of the numbered cards, except 10, plays its value, while 10s and higher count as 0, and Aces are 1. If the value of the hand is 10 or high, only the second digit acts as total value.

Bets range the conservative €1 to €100. As with other Baccarat games, there is a 5% commission for the house each time you win when betting on the banker’s hand, which will tax you €10 out of a €200 max win. You can adjust the desired bet by clicking on the chips denomination. Then, you will be prompted to place a bet on the player, banker or tie.

In order to start playing, you need to be familiar with the game basics. The game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards and your objection is to give a correct prediction as to whether you or the banker will draw a hand totalling 9 or whose hand will be closer to 9.

Depending on the value of the two cards, you and the dealer may request a third card to be dealt. Hitting the Deal button automatically adds up new card(s). If you decide to bet on a tie. In case of a tie, the winning bets on the tie are paid and the bets on the banker or player are returned.

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