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American Blackjack

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american blackjackPlaytech’s American Blackjack is a beautifully designed version of the popular casino game of 21. It is played with six decks of cards and it follows the standard rules of the classic blackjack. One of the rules that gambling fans should remember when playing for real money is that the dealer stands on all 17s.

There are several games with the title American Blackjack, but the one developed by Playtech comes with probably the best graphical quality. It opens in a separate window and shows the typical green table with the player’s cards positioned below the dealer’s hand. The cards are dealt quickly and the entire game runs smoothly, while the soft music in the background creates a nice casino atmosphere.

There are several basic rules in this variation that most blackjack players should be familiar with. Split Aces get only one card and the dealer stands on soft 17. And this release from Playtech is one of the few blackjack games that would give you a win on a 10-card Charlie. While this is not particularly attractive for novices and casual play, this rule may prove lucrative for experienced players.

Table limits range between 1 and 300 credits, so most players can easily place bets without worrying about breaking the bank.

Gaming Experience

Playtech’s American Blackjack uses six decks of cards and if playing for the first time, gamblers should first learn the rules before placing real money bets. The game is available in practice mode, as well, so you can test your skills as many times as you wish before playing for real. When the game opens, there are several basics you should follow during play.

First of all, this a typical game where a blackjack hand pays 3 to 2, which is odds of 1.5:1 that favor the player. Many people sit at 6:5 blackjack tables without even knowing that this payout increases the house edge significantly. Playtech’s version, however, is much more profitable if you know the rules and employ at least some basic strategy. In this variation, players can double on any two cards and they are allowed to do so after splitting a hand. Also, there is no re-splitting. If the player doubles against a dealer’s Ace and the dealer forms a blackjack, the player loses everything. But if the dealer has a Ten and the player doubles against that card, in the event of a dealer blackjack, the player loses only the initial bet.

Specific Features

There are many variations of blackjack and the American style is fairly popular among casino players. The main difference between this version and the European one is that the dealer gets two cards – one face up and the other card face down, which is known as a hole card. The dealer can peek the hole card, checking if a blackjack is possible, but players are not allowed to see that card. In this American variation, the dealer does not peek for blackjack, yet players are also unaware of his second card. This is why it is recommended that they play more carefully and take advantage of the early surrender feature in Playtech’s American Blackjack. Late surrender, on the other hand, is not allowed, but players can take insurance which pays 2 to 1.

Another feature of this game is that the dealer must draw to 16 and stand on all 17s (both soft and hard), which leads to a slightly lower house edge. Interestingly, this version of blackjack also has the so-called 10-card Charlie rule. This is a rule found in some 21 games, which says that if the player draws 10 cards without going bust, he or she becomes automatically a winner against any hand, except for a dealer blackjack. It may sound strange, but this scenario is possible, especially in a 6-deck game such as American Blackjack.


Playtech’s American Blackjack is a nice variation of the classic casino game which comes with several great options – players can double down, take insurance, and stand. Doubling after a split is also allowed. In addition, the dealer always stands on 17s and with a little bit of luck, you can score a win for a 10-card Charlie. Paired with a simple layout, beautiful graphics and a smooth gameplay, all these make Playtech’s release an entertaining and enjoyable game to play.

If played with the right strategy, this version of blackjack promises great returns. It has an average Return to Player of 99.57%. This means that the casino holds only 0.43% of the wagers placed in the game, which is quite a tempting offer, especially if we compare it with the losses from popular casino games like slot or roulette.

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