Blackjack Double Attack

Blackjack Double Attack

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blackjack double attackBlackjack Double Attack is an interesting game created by the world-renowned Playtech. This blackjack game stands out from the rest with its excellent graphics and interesting rules.

There are a good number of betting options for this game, that we will cover below. Blackjack Double Attack does not feature the largest betting limits, but this is most likely due to the many different win possibilities.

Gaming Experience

Blackjack Double Attack is really a fresh take on the old and beloved blackjack formula. It offers you some unique options not readily available in other similar titles. The visual aspect of the game also does not disappoint. You will be presented with a beautiful rendition of a blackjack table. You have the option of changing the default table color scheme to one that is more to your liking. There are ten different palettes and some will be more pleasing to your eyes than others. On the table, you will also find the reward ratios for each bet, where you will also notice how generous the game can be.

Specific Features

Blackjack Double Attack comes with two very distinct features. One such is the Double Attack bet, which allows you to place an extra side bet along with your main one. When you place your initial bet and the dealer draws their first card face up, you will be presented with the option of placing a side bet called Double Attack. This is not a double down bet or insurance. It is placed alongside your initial wager and it can be affected by the same factors. For instance, when you wish to double down, you can either double your starting bet or both of your bets. The Double Attack bet is won or lost under the same conditions as the main one. Whenever you choose to Surrender, half of the main bet and half of the Double Attack one is taken.

The other bet that is somewhat more interesting is the Bust It! Whenever you place one of these you bet on whether or not the dealer will bust on their third card. Depending on which card they bust the payout will be different. The payout ratios are clearly listed on the table and they go up to 15:1.

Some things that have to be mentioned about this game before you start playing. Firstly, Blackjack Double Attack is played with eight 48-card Spanish decks, which contain no Tens (10s) in them. Additionally, the game features a different Insurance payout than most other blackjack games. Whenever you take Insurance and the dealer draws a blackjack, the payout will be 5:2, instead of the traditional 2:1. This means that you receive slightly more than your original bet. According to the game’s documentation, the main game comes with a return-to-player percentage of 99.5%, which makes the house edge almost non-existent. The Bust It! bet, on the other hand, has a 91.99% return percentage, in other words, a 8.01% house edge, which is less than ideal.


Overall, Blackjack Double Attack can be classified as an amazing game and it can stand its ground against any of the other Playtech offerings. It incorporates some very interesting features and embraces the decision making aspects of blackjack, by building on top of that to create a game worthy of praise. Blackjack Double Attack is certainly worth your time and attention, and if we were you, we would not miss out on this one. It is available at a great many Playtech casinos so finding it should not prove difficult.

Blackjack Double Attack
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