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Blackjack Multihand 5

Playtech offers blackjack enthusiasts a top-notch experience with its Blackjack Multihand 5 online card game. Based on the wildly popular original game, this rendition offers nice animations, which can be turned off to please some, and a cool visual style, which also allows you to change the color scheme of the table! The game sports neat, clear and user-friendly interface. There is also the option for fast play, which significantly bumps up technical time consumption when dealing with 5 hands.

This variant of the game mostly plays by Vegas Strip rules. You can double down on each pair of cards, while only 1 split per hand is allowed. The dealer will also not be checking for a Blackjack if his up card is an Ace or a face card. There is also the insurance bet, which lets you wager that the dealer has a Blackjack, and it pays x2 if it wins.

Bets start from €0.01 and go up to €300 per hand, for a sizable total of €1 500 across the table. This does grow, however, when the player splits and doubles, or bets on Insurance, making this feature one of the high roller Blackjack online games out there.

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