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Blackjack Peek

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Blackjack PeekBlackjack Peek is one game out of several in Playtech’s blackjack selection.

It is a standard blackjack game with nothing too out of the ordinary.

Blackjack Peek comes with a good range of betting options and features chips in five denominations – $1, $5, $10, $25, and $100.

Of course, you can stack any chip combination you want and you are not limited to one particular chip size.

Gaming Experience

The experience that Blackjack Peek provides is very close to that of traditional blackjack. The game does not stray too far from the norm and manages to deliver a proper blackjack experience. Blackjack Peek is a Playtech game and so it stands to reason that it comes with the best visuals on the market. This is absolutely true as Playtech’s expertise is clearly on display here. The graphics are well designed and the animations are buttery smooth. The game will also have no trouble loading as long as your Internet connection is stable. Overall, Blackjack Peek can offer you a classic blackjack experience of the highest quality.

Specific Features

This Playtech game comes with several features that we have to describe in order for you to gain a proper understanding of Blackjack Peek. For starters, the Peek feature, for which the game is named, allows the dealer to peek at their face down card to see if it is an Ace or a Ten Value card. This game is played with 6 decks, instead of the standard 8, which will ever so slightly turn the odds in your favor. Furthermore, upon hitting blackjack you will receive a payout of 3:2. It is nice to see that the game is not stingy in its rewards since some other blackjack titles only reward a blackjack with a 6:5 or even a 1:1 payout.

Blackjack Peek does not allow you to surrender and retain 50% of your bet, but it does offer you the opportunity to pay for insurance. If you are not familiar with this practice, insurance is a side bet that you can place that is 50% the size of your original bet. You are essentially betting whether or not the dealer will have blackjack. If they do indeed hold a blackjack in the opening hand you will win at a ratio of 2:1 and so reclaim the original bet.

When you are dealt a hand of cards with identical value Blackjack Peek allows you to split them into two separate hands, but it does not let you split more than once and you also cannot hit on a split ace. You can double down on any hand, even after a split. Finally, the dealer has to draw to 16 and stand on 17, and they are do not hit a soft 17.

As a result of all the rules stated above, Blackjack Peek features an excellent average return-to-player percentage of ~99%. This essentially makes it almost a zero-sum game. A house edge of less than 1% is as good as you can hope for in any casino game.


Blackjack Peek is very close to traditional blackjack and the rules are very favorable to players. The almost non-existent house edge will make this game very profitable for you if you know how to take advantage of that. Overall, Blackjack Peek is one of the best and most fair casino games that Playtech has ever created, and that is saying something. If you do decide to play this game you will not be disappointed.

Blackjack Peek
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