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Blackjack Scratch

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Blackjack ScratchBlackjack Scratch is a very extraordinary variation of blackjack which can be found in a number of Playtech-powered online casinos. The game is the perfect option for the players who wish to experience their favorite card game in a different way. In its essence, this version is a combination of the principle of the scratch cards and the standard blackjack game which add an extra layer of excitement to it. It has the typical layout of a blackjack table and you compete against a dealer only. During the gaming process, you will be required to scratch cards in order to reveal their value.

The minimum coin size in this game is £0.5 and the maximum – £10. It is possible to adjust the size of your bet by using the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons, labeled as card value which are located at the left bottom corner of the screen. One of the best things about this game is that it offers an instant cash prize up to £10,000 which makes the whole gaming process very exciting.

Gaming Experience

Blackjack Scratch gives you the chance to greatly diversify your gambling experience by playing one very unusual variant. The rules in this version are extremely simple which makes it suitable for even novice players who lack any experience when it comes to this card game. The basics of the game are the same, meaning that your ultimate goal is to get a total which is as close to 21 as possible and this way, beat the dealer.

However, keep in mind that to the maximum sum of the cards cannot exceed this number, otherwise, you will instantly go bust or in other words, lose. At the beginning of the game, you are required to first choose the stake that suits your personal preferences and bankroll. After that, you should simply click the Deal button and wait for the dealer to deal you a total of six cards which are positioned in three separate areas.

Three of the cards will be placed face-down, while the rest will be positioned face-up. In order to find out the value of the face-down cards, you need to scratch them. At that point, the dealer’s card will be revealed too and the winner will be determined according to the standard rules of the game.

Specific Features

It is possible to enjoy Blackjack Switch in two different ways, depending on your personal preferences. If you prefer a slow-paced game, then it is best to take your time and do one action at a time. If you would rather play the slow version of the game, you should click the Deal button manually every round and scratch all of the cards one by one.

However, if you wish to speed up the gaming process a little bit, this variant gives you the chance to do so by using the convenient Autoplay feature. This way, you can choose a specific number of rounds that will be performed without your interference. In other words, the cards will be dealt automatically and there is no need for you to hit the Deal button. There is one more feature which can save you time if you are in a hurry. This is the Scratch All option which enables you to reveal the value of the cards in one go rather than scratching each card individually.


Blackjack Scratch is an exciting blackjack variant which was developed by the prominent software provider Playtech. Thanks to it, you can get a high level of entertainment by playing both a card game and a scratch game at once. This extraordinary version is certainly worth your while since it offers some great cash prizes, the biggest of which is £10,000. The whole gaming process is very simple, yet quite exciting, considering that you have the chance to win big at the comfort of your own home.

Although the version contains elements from the popular scratch card games, your primary goal is to beat the dealer’s total. It is mainly a luck-based variant which shouldn’t be much of a surprise, taking into account that you are required to scratch cards during the course of the game. In its essence, Blackjack Scratch reminds more of a slot game rather than a blackjack game which is the reason why no strategy will work here.

Blackjack Scratch
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