Blackjack Super 21

Blackjack Super 21

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blackjack super 21Blackjack Super 21 is a realistic online variation of the popular card game, created by world-renowned software supplier Playtech, so it is anything but surprising software developers have paid attention even to the smallest of details. This variation will certainly appeal to the most demanding of players as it covers all the necessary criteria of a premium-quality virtual casino offering – spectacular visuals, realistic audio effects, and simplified interface that furthers quick navigation.

At first glance, this might appear as a standard blackjack game but if you play a few hands, you will surely notice there are particular differences in the rules which should be taken into account before you join the table. While Blackjack Super 21 is indeed an incredibly fun and authentic virtual variation of the game, there is a reduction in some of the payouts which further tilts the edge in the house’s favor. However, players are sufficiently compensated for this with higher payouts for naturals of specific suits.

Gaming Experience

Fans of the game of 21 are pretty much guaranteed to enjoy themselves with this fantastic Playtech variation. The game’s design is incredibly detailed, with the table resembling closely the tables in brick-and-mortar establishments. There is the chips tray, the discards holder, the shoe, and a total of five betting boxes to place your chips in. The developers have definitely been very meticulous and thorough with their job, so much so that one can even see the pattern of the padded rail’s leather upholstery.

The sound effects are made to closely mimic the sophisticated ambiance of landbased casino floors. You can hear the dealer announcing the results after each hand while a soothing music plays in the background. Another great thing about this blackjack variation is that one gets to choose the ambient background music, with the three options being Elegant Breeze, Voyage to Chill, and Violet Sun. The felt color can also be altered in accordance with personal preferences, with ivory, blue, purple, red, and orange being some of the available options.

The game is also made suitable for bankrolls of various sizes, with chip denominations ranging between $0.10 and $100. Blackjack Super 21 also allows for multi-hand play as there is the option to place chips in up to five betting boxes. Whenever players press the Hit button after they are dealt a higher total of 17 or above, a warning message pops up on the screen to ensure they are not committing a mistake out of rashness. However, it is possible to turn these warnings off if you find them annoying.

Specific Features

Blackjack Super 21 is played with six French decks, of 52 cards each, which are automatically shuffled together at the end of each round. The virtual dealer is required to draw to totals of 16 and stand on all 17s. One of the few downsides of this otherwise elegant blackjack variation is that the payouts for naturals are reduced from 3 to 2 to even money. This is compensated for with the player’s blackjack beating that of the dealer instead of pushing it. Insurance offers the usual payout of 2 to 1.

Another minor disadvantage of Blackjack Super 21 is that the dealer does not peek for naturals when showing Aces or ten-value cards. You can split up to four hands, with the option of doubling down after a split. More importantly, you are allowed to double down on any hand total. Late surrendering is also permitted.

Payouts of 2 to 1 are awarded for card tricks, which is when you draw five or six cards to a total of 21. In fact, the said six-card “Charlies”, as they are also called, are extremely powerful in Blackjack Super 21 as they can prevail even over the dealer’s natural. The same applies to players’ hands that consist of six cards that add up to a total of 20 – these win regardless of what the virtual dealer is holding. And finally, a special payout of 2 to 1 is awarded to the player who obtains a blackjack consisting of the Ace of Diamonds and a ten-value card of the same suit.


As you can probably see for yourself, Blackjack Super 21 is true to its name as it indeed comes with some “super” features and rules that can give your initial online casino balance a good boost. Surely the reduction in the payouts for blackjacks is rather unpleasant. Still, the majority of the game’s rules favor players to such a great extent that they pretty much offset the sour taste even-money payouts for naturals leave in one’s mouth. Web-based operators that run on the cutting-edge software of Playtech list the game’s average return percentage as 99.22% which renders Blackjack Super 21 one of the casino card games with the lowest house edge possible.

And the best part is practically any player can enjoy this fantastic game since accepted bets start at $2.00 only but the limits may sometimes vary depending on which Playtech casino you gamble at. Blackjack Super 21’s elegant design, intuitive interface, and detailed graphics will further improve the quality of your gaming experience and make for one truly unforgettable blackjack session.

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