Blackjack Surrender

Blackjack Surrender

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blackjack surrenderBlackjack Surrender is another entry in Playtech’s portfolio of blackjack titles. This one is one of the most player-friendly games on the market and it will no doubt bring you many hours of entertainment. It comes with many good features and excellent betting options. The chip denominations are five in total – $1, $,5, $10, $25, and $100 – and you can use any combination of chips that you wish.

The visuals featured in Blackjack Surrender really explain why Playtech is considered one of the best software providers in the industry. Your screen will light up with a blackjack table that will immerse you the casino atmosphere, with the background music only enhancing the experience.

Gaming Experience

Blackjack Surrender is fun and exciting card game that will keep you in your seat for many hours on end. It brings you a memorable and immersive virtual gambling experience that will leave you longing for more. The graphics are nothing short of fantastic and you can even customize them with 10 different color schemes to achieve the best desired results.

Special Features

Blackjack Surrender does not stray too much from the tried and tested blackjack formula. As such it features mostly the same rules found in many similar games. For starters, the game is played with 6 decks, which is much better than the 8-deck games that some software providers create. Furthermore, Blackjack Surrender pays the standard 3:2 whenever you hit a blackjack. Some games are somewhat niggardly offering 6:5 or 1:1, which is by all accounts a worse deal.

Moving on to the features that you can actually utilize, the game allows you to ensure your hand against a dealer’s blackjack. When you do this you place a 50% side bet that will pay 2:1 if the dealer draws a blackjack. This essentially means that you do not lose money should you suffer from a bad draw. Additionally, you can surrender a bad hand and reclaim 50% of your bet back. This is the feature that gives the game its name, so it is only logical for it to be included. The dealer can also peek at their face down card to see if they have drawn a ten-value card or an Ace. Moreover, the dealer has to draw until 16 and stand on 17, regardless if it is a soft or hard 17.

Whenever you are dealt a hand consisting of two cards of identical value you have the option to split them into two separate hands. If you do this, you will have to play a separate bet for the extra hand and play each one independently from the other. While the game does allow you to split hands, it does not allow you to split more than once, nor can you hit on a split pair of aces.

These player-friendly rules result in a stellar return-to-player percentage of more than 99% and an incredibly low house edge of less than 1%. Whereas other games might set up their rules to put the player at a huge disadvantage, Blackjack Surrender lower its house edge so that the game is as fair as possible.


Blackjack Surrender is an amazing blackjack game that will make you fall in love with this game genre and ultimately raise your standards regarding casino games in general. Playtech has really put a lot of thought and effort in this game and polished it to near perfection. If there was ever a blackjack game that you simply had to play, this would be it. Blackjack Surrender has our full recommendation.

Blackjack Surrender
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