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Blackjack Switch

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blackjack switchBlackjack Switch is a unique variant of the game which you can play in a number of Playtech-powered casino websites. Initially, it was invented by Geoff Hall who was a passionate player. He came up with the idea to create such a version when he found himself in a very unpleasant situation while playing blackjack, which could have been easily resolved if he was allowed to switch cards between his two hands. This is the main concept in this variant which makes it exceptionally beneficial.

The theoretical RTP percentage in this Playtech game is the impressive 99.87% which is one of the highest in the industry. The minimum bet you can place in Blackjack Switch is as low as €2 and the maximum – €100. It is possible to choose from several coin values which range from 0.01 to 100. In order to put your bet, you should simply select the desired chip and click on the two empty places where you will receive your cards.

Gaming Experience

With such an exciting gameplay and a high RTP percentage, you are guaranteed to have a great gambling session and experience. At the beginning of the game, you have to decide the amount of your wager and hit the Deal button. Then, you will be dealt two hands or a total of four cards, all of which are exposed. At that point, you will have to decide whether or not you wish to take insurance. After that, you need to choose one of the available moves – hit, stand, double or switch.

The latter option is the thing that makes this game unique since it is a move which is forbidden in all other blackjack variations. If you choose to take advantage of the switch move, both second cards in each hand will be exchanged. This way, you can form better card combinations which will improve your chances of winning. Once you are ready with your choice, the face-down card of the dealer will be revealed and the winner will be determined according to the rules of the game.

Specific Features

This variation offers several customization options which enable you to play it in the way you want to. It is possible to enjoy this game in either full-screen or windowed mode. Either way, you will be able to clearly see your betting and move options. The speed of the game is another aspect that can be adjusted if you wish. In order to do so, you should simply enable the Fast Play feature. It is also possible to regulate the game sounds as well as the background music which is another very convenient thing that this game offers.

The color of the table on which you will play Blackjack Switch is green which is set by default. However, if you wish you can easily change it by using a button, located next to the shoe. The available colors in which you can decorate the table are blue, purple, black, orange, green, white, gray and red.


Blackjack Switch is a distinctive game from Playtech that gives you the unique chance to perform a move which is otherwise forbidden or in other words, to exchange cards between your two hands. This variant has what it takes to provide you with hours of entertainment as it offers extraordinary rules and gameplay. It is possible to place a special side bet called Super Match which adds an extra layer of excitement as it gives you the chance to win more money.

You can play the game in either real-money or practice mode. The latter gives you the chance to familiarize yourself with the whole gaming process without risking your own funds. Playtech has certainly put a lot of effort and time into developing this variation and it really shows in every single aspect – from its great graphics to its many features. Furthermore, the game is suitable for all types of players since it offers various coin denominations.

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