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Buster Blackjack

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buster blackjackBuster Blackjack is an interesting multi-hand variation of the classic American-style game but it offers a side bet which gives players the opportunity to win if the dealer busts. This sleek virtual game is provided by Playtech and can be played for real money or for free in some of the best online casinos right now.

As with all games in Playtech’s line of casino table classics, the graphics in Buster Blackjack are of exceptional quality. The game loads quickly and runs seamlessly in-browser. It has a fantastic design – the layout is simple and convenient, all important information is displayed in a straightforward manner, and the soft green color of the table creates an inviting atmosphere. There is also a great full-screen option for players who want to really immerse themselves in the game. In terms of rules and specific features, Buster Blackjack has one main distinctive characteristic – its Buster side bet which is placed alongside the regular bet. And is there something better than a dealing busting in blackjack?

The table limits in this game are between 0.50 and 10,000 credits in your preferred currency with chip denominations available from 0.50 to 1,000 credits.

Gaming Experience

Buster Blackjack is based on the rules of classic American blackjack, played with six decks of cards. Players can place bets on up to 5 hands simultaneously. The side bet area is located near the regular bet area. After each round, the cards are shuffled. There are several convenient buttons in the bottom of the screen – players can remove all bets from the table with the Clear Bets button, double all placed bets with the Double function, or click Undo to remove the last bet.

You can play with only one hand or with all five hands, in which case, actions are taken separately for each hand. Cards are dealt clockwise and the dealer’s hand is dealt last – it contains one face-up card and one card that is face down. If the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace, you are offered to buy an insurance against the dealer getting a blackjack. Also, if your two cards are the same value, you can split your hand. There are several more buttons on the screen – if you want one more card, you can click Hit, and if you want to double your bet and get the third cars, you can select Double. You can also click Stand if you do need no additional cards. The dealer then reveals the face-down card and draws another one and your hand is compared to the dealer’s.

The gameplay is rather simple and players have a few options to customize the game. In the beginning, they are offered to choose their bet limits and when the game screen opens they can access the Game Settings. From this section, they can enable or disable the insurance option, the Buster side bet, the turbo mode, and the ambient sound. Of course, animations can also be turned off and there are additional audio settings that can be adjusted.

Specific Features

There are several specific things players should be aware of when playing Buster Blackjack. A hand of blackjack (an Ace and a Ten or higher) pays out 1.5 times the bet amount, or 3 to 2. Re-splitting is not allowed and only one card is drawn to each Ace. The player can double even after splitting and the other important rule is that the dealer always draws to 16 and stands on 17 or greater.

The dealer also never checks for blackjack, meaning the dealer never peeks to see the face-down card. Playtech’s Buster Blackjack allows the 10-Card Charlie rule even on a split hand – this means that the player wins the round if he or she draws 10 cards without going bust. This is very hard to achieve, but it is theoretically possible.

Of course, the most notable feature of the game is the Buster side bet. The player chooses to place it along with the regular bet. The Buster wager allows you to bet that the dealer will bust – as long as the combined value of the cards in your hand does not exceed 28. The payoff for this side bet increases with the number of cards in his busted hand.


Buster Blackjack by Playtech is a creatively designed virtual variation of the classic blackjack. It is fast-paced, easy to play and as close to the casino experience in land-based facilities as possible. The wide betting range and the in-game rules make this version a great option for less experienced players. They need to make themselves familiar with the rules and the pay table of the game, though, so they can use the right strategy.

If played correctly, Buster Blackjack offers expected returns of 99.58%. This is, of course, an average value and it is calculated for an unspecified number of plays, but it suggests that the game is fair and rewarding. On average, players can expect to lose around 0.42% of their total bet when playing Buster Blackjack. Developers from Playtech are also displaying the RTP (Return to Player) percentage for the Buster side bet – it is 93.79%.

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