Cashback Blackjack

Cashback Blackjack

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cashback blackjackCashback Blackjack is part of Playtech’s blackjack portfolio and is one of their best and most intuitive games to date.

This game gives you an option not found anywhere else – money management.

With Cashback Blackjack you can solidify your profits and minimize your losses by utilizing the Cashback feature, that gives the game its name.

Gaming Experience

Cashback Blackjack is a game made by Playtech and as such, it comes with all of the company’s expertise and experience in creating online casino titles. The visuals are some of the best that you ever lay your eyes upon and the animations are buttery smooth. The game does an excellent job of immersing you in an authentic casino atmosphere. Cashback Blackjack is one of the best games to appear on the market and it will surely bring you many hours of high-quality entertainment.

As far as the base game goes, it does not feature anything too out of the ordinary. There are six decks in the shoe, much like most other blackjack games from Playtech, and hitting a blackjack pays 3:2. It is the special features that make this game stand out and we will cover those in the next point.

Specific Features

The most iconic feature in this game is also the one that gives it its name, more specifically, the Cashback Feature. It allows you to receive a sum of your bet depending on how the hand you have. This is reminiscent of the Surrender option that is often included in many blackjack titles, but where these two features are different is in the amount that you receive back. When you take a Surrender option you get to keep 50% of your total bet and that percentage never changes. With Cashback, on the other hand, you can receive much larger sums. You can take back 50%, 75%, or any other percentage that the game offers you. You have no control on how much you are offered. Interestingly enough, you can even receive a sum that was higher than your initial bet and turn a small profit, if you are holding a strong hand. Overall, the Cashback feature is dynamic and it can serve to your benefit in some situations. Keep in mind, however, that after clicking on the Cashback button, you may take no further action with that hand.

Cashback Blackjack also incorporates player side bets. One of these is to bet on whether or not you opening hand will include a pair. A red/black pair will pay 6:1, while a same-colored one will pay 12:1. A perfect pair (two cards of the same symbol and suit) will reward you with a nice 25:1 reward.

There are also the 21 + 3 side bets. This bet looks at your hand and the dealer’s face up card and if any combination can be formed from them you will receive a reward. The payout for the possible combinations is as follows:

Cashback Blackjack 21+3 Side Bets Payout
Hand Payout
Suited Three of a King 100:1
Straight Flush 40:1
Three of a Kind 30:1
Straight 10:1
Flush 5:1

The house edge for 21 + 3 Bet stands around ~7%, which makes it not as favorable when compared to the whole game.


Overall, Cashback Blackjack is a fun and engaging casino game. It has one of the most intuitive and unique features out of all blackjack games – Cashback. This game ought to be quite profitable for anyone with even rudimentary knowledge of blackjack and so that makes it an amazing choice for a wide user base. Cashback Blackjack reflects Playtech’s excellence at creating casino games and it has our full recommendation.

Cashback Blackjack
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4.7 / 5.0
4.7 / 5.0
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