Double Exposure Gold Blackjack

Double Exposure Gold Blackjack

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double exposure gold blackjackDouble Exposure Gold is a fan-favorite blackjack game developed by Microgaming, one of the leading development studios in the world of online casinos. Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games, played in countless land-based establishments and online casinos.

This game, in particular, supports relatively high betting limits, allowing players to place wagers between 1.00 and 200.00 on each hand. This allows it to be played by both casual players and high rollers.

Gaming Experience

Anyone who has ever played a Double Exposure blackjack variant can testify to the fun nature of the game. Microgaming’s take on this style comes in the form of a game with excellent presentation. The graphics are some of the best to be featured in this software provider’s table games, giving off the feeling that you are playing at a physical establishment. Moreover, the lounge music that plays in the background will relax you and fully immerse you in the experience. With smooth animations and beautiful graphics, the game serves as an excellent substitute for any land-based blackjack game. Bets can be adjusted in a few clicks and you can clearly read the rules of the before you ever stake money on it.

Specific Features

The most iconic feature to be found in Double Exposure Gold is the ability to fully see the dealer’s hand. Whereas other blackjack games only allow you to see one card, with the other face down, Double Exposure Gold allows you to see both of them. This will help you make critical choices on when to hit or to stand, and it will have a major impact on your success. Of course, as with anything in life, this comes at a price.

The most felt penalty in the game is that a blackjack hand pays only even money, rather than the traditional 3:2. Furthermore, the dealer will win any tie, except when both the player and the dealer hit a blackjack. As you can imagine, this could be problematic down the line. You can double down on any hard 9, 10, or 11, and after a split. A pair of Aces can be split, but only one card will be dealt to each hand. For any other identical pair, up to 3 splits are allowed, resulting in a maximum of 4 hands.


Overall, Double Exposure Gold is an interesting blackjack game that comes with certain advantages and disadvantages. To start off, the game allows you to see both of the dealer’s cards, which is an inherent advantage, but this is countered by the low payout for a blackjack. Furthermore, the dealer will win all ties, except a blackjack tie, making it even less appealing. These are the major factors in Double Exposure Gold and they will make or break the game for you. In the world of gambling, nothing is certain. If you can beat the odds, this game will be highly enjoyable for you, but if you are not so fortunate, you may have a bad time. It is best to try out the game in free mode, weighing the pros against the cons and reach your own conclusion.

Double Exposure Gold Blackjack
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