High Limit European Blackjack

High Limit European Blackjack

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High Limit European BlackjackEuropean Blackjack is one of the more popular blackjack styles of play and there is great demand for quality games. Microgaming realized this long ago and created High Limit European Blackjack to satisfy its high-roller player base.

As the name of the game suggests, this title features much higher betting limits than the average blackjack game. The minimum bet starts at 20.00 and can go as high as 1,000. Clearly, this not for your everyday player, but for serious gamblers who like to stake large sums.

Gaming Experience

Blackjack is one of the most fun and exciting experience that you may have in any casino, either land-based or online. It is one of the few casino games that requires skill and knowledge in order to do well. As a result, those who come prepared will have a high chance of getting a nice boost to their bankroll. This is even truer when you are playing High Limit European Blackjack, due to the betting limits being quite high. The game itself was released some time ago and its age is certainly starting to show.

The graphics are not what they used to be and since Microgaming and other software providers have come out with better-looking games, it is highly unlikely that the visuals will draw you in. But despite that, it is still perfectly playable, with the user interface being clean and easy to understand. You can adjust the size of your bets easily and if at any point you feel confused, you can always turn to the help menu, where all relevant information about the game can be found.

Specific Features

Every blackjack game comes with its own specific rules and features and the same is true for High Limit European Blackjack. For starters, it is played with only two 52-card decks, that will be shuffled after each game. As far as rewards are concerned, winning a hand has the usual 1:1 payout ratios, while a Blackjack had will pay 3:2.

Whenever the dealer draws an Ace you can take advantage of insurance. This is basically a side bet that the dealer will score a Blackjack. This bet pays 2:1, so in the event that the dealer does hit a Blackjack, you will recover the whole sum of your initial bet. While Insurance is available, Surrender is not, so you will have to play each hand to its end. Once you are dealt two cards of identical value, you can split them to form two independent hands, each with its own bet. You can Double Down each time you are dealt a card with a value between 9 and 11, but not after you have split a hand.


Overall, High Limit European Blackjack is a good game, albeit an old one. The graphics are heavily outdated and not exactly pretty to look upon. Despite that, the gameplay is as solid as any other blackjack game on the market. The rules are fair and a Blackjack hand still pays 3:2. The main point of focus, however, are the very high betting limits. A minimum bet of 20.00 may be too high for most players, so it is unlikely that everyone will play this. But if you are the type of player who likes to bet big, then this is the game for you.

High Limit European Blackjack
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