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Multi-hand Blackjack Classic

Another Microgaming rendition of the Blackjack card game, the Multi-Hand Classic is a simple and intuitive, very welcoming online feature – a must-have in any casino’s online portfolio. The game is attractive to beginners and veterans alike, sporting user-friendly interface and clear-cut visuals.

The game follows mostly vanilla blackjack rules, with the player aiming for land hands valued at 21, or just beat the dealer’s hand, without surpassing the 21 mark. This version is played with 5 standard decks and the player bets on up to 5 hands. A single split is allowed per hand, while you can’t double down after a split. Only like cards can be split. There is also the Insurance option, which allows you to bet for a dealer’s Blackjack, which pays double if won!

Bets range from €1 to €200 per hand. When all five hands are played, and if all are doubled and split, a whopping €4 000 can down on the table.

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