Multiplayer Blackjack Surrender

Multiplayer Blackjack Surrender

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Multiplayer Blackjack SurrenderMultiplayer Blackjack Surrender is a card game, developed by Playtech which can be very exciting and most importantly, profitable. In its essence, this game is identical to another variant – Blackjack Surrender, meaning that it uses the same rules. What sets these two games apart from one another is that Multiplayer Blackjack Surrender is played in a special format which allows other players to join your table and play with you. Thus, this variant is much more challenging and exciting as you have a real, friendly competition on the table.

The minimum bet you can place per round in this game is €1 and the maximum – €300. It is possible to choose from several coin denominations which range from €0.10 to €100. In order to place a bet, you need to choose one of the chip values which are positioned on the left side of the screen. It is possible to wager multiple chips at once, depending on their value, until you reach the maximum table limit.

Gaming Experience

The gaming experience you will get from playing Multiplayer Blackjack Surrender will be certainly worth your while since the game offers endless hours of entertainment. If you have already played the version Blackjack Surrender, then you are entirely ready to try this as it uses the same rules. However, this time you will be able to share the table with other fellow players, just like you normally do when you go to a land-based casino. The maximum number of players that can join such a virtual table is five since this is the number of available places for cards and bets.

In terms of graphics and design, both aspects are up to a standard which shouldn’t be much of a surprise, considering that the game is developed by one of the best software providers in the industry. In this variation, you are permitted to double on any first two cards and you can take insurance, providing that the upcard of the dealer is an ace. The payout for the highest winning combination – blackjack is 3:2 and for insurance – 2:1.

Specific Features

The best feature in this game is the chat functionality which is exclusively available in this format. You can use the chat bar to communicate with other fellow players which makes the game very interactive and interesting. When someone joins the table, you will be notified which gives you the chance to greet the person over the chat and start a friendly conversation if you wish. All of the players’ cards are exposed on the table, meaning that you can discuss the possible outcomes with your friends since all of you compete against the dealer.

Thanks to the chat functionality, you can make the most of every game and get a high level of entertainment at the same time. This variant also has the rest of the game features that are included in the original Blackjack Surrender game. This means that you will be able to take advantage of various convenient buttons which will make the game very easy to play.


Multiplayer Blackjack Surrender is certainly a great game to play if you are a blackjack enthusiast who is seeking new thrills and experience. What makes this variant unique is the fact that it gives you the opportunity to play with other fellow players and even chat with them. Its graphics are fairly advanced and the game has a lot of features that can significantly ease the gaming process. It is one of the best blackjack versions because it offers an exciting gameplay and an incredible theoretical RTP percentage of 99.62%.

If you wish to get a seamless gambling experience from playing online blackjack, then you should certainly consider giving this variant a try. The game runs smoothly on most mobile devices as well, meaning that you can play it on your tablet or smartphone. It is possible to find Multiplayer Blackjack Surrender in several reputable online casinos which are in partnership with Playtech.

Multiplayer Blackjack Surrender
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