Perfect Blackjack Multihand 5

Perfect Blackjack Multihand 5

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Perfect Blackjack Multihand 5Perfect Blackjack Multihand 5 part of Playtech’s blackjack selection and a game that has found its place in many different online casinos.

The game brings you an excellent blackjack experience that will leave you wanting more.

It comes with all of the usual blackjack features but also adds some unique ones that will spice up the gameplay and make the experience much more memorable.

Gaming Experience

Perfect Blackjack Multihand 5 is a Playtech game so we, as players, already have high expectations for it. As it turns outs, the game does not disappoint, at least where the visuals are concerned. Perfect Blackjack Multihand comes with the usual Playtech graphical style, depicting a realistic blackjack table, that may be customized to be more to your liking. There are 10 different color schemes that you may choose from and each can changed at the click of a button. Some are dark and stylish, others more bright and cheerful. Naturally, these will suit each player differently, but we are sure that the vast majority of players will be satisfied.

The betting limits are not as high as one would expect of a game this premium. The minimum bet required is 0.50, while the maximum goes up to 50.00. The side bets feature the exact same minimum, but they are limited to 10.00 per bet. This leads us to believe that the game was not created with high rollers in mind, though it should please casuals and semi-casuals well enough

Specific Features

Perfect Blackjack Multihand 5 comes with some interesting features that will freshen up the gameplay and make it more exciting. The side bets are one such feature. You will be able to place up to two side bets, one for the dealer’s hand and for yours. If the hand that you bet on contains a pair of any kind you will be due a payout. A mixed pair of red and black colors will pay 6:1, while one of the same color will reward you with a 12:1. A perfect pair, that is the same suit, will pay an amazing 25:1.

The Multihand in the game’s name stands for the feature that allows you to play up to 5 hands simultaneously. You will have to place a bet for each individual hand, however. This does not really affect your chances to win, but it does let you play up to 5 times more hands per hour.

Other than that, there are the basic rules of the game that can be mentioned. This version of blackjack is played with six decks and hitting a blackjack will pay you the standard 3:2. Insurance is available for when the dealer scores a blackjack; this bet costs 50% of your initial bet and it pays 2:1, thus avoiding the loss of money. Splitting is allowed whenever you are dealt two cards of equal value. You can hit as many times as you wish on a normal split hand, but split aces can only receive one card. Based on these rules, the game comes with a return to player percentage of 99.58%, which constitutes a 0.42% house edge.


Perfect Blackjack Multihand 5 is an interesting take on the already popular blackjack genre. It comes with very player-favorable odds and payouts and does not attempt to nickel and dime you at any turn. The game is entirely fair and comes with a minimal house edge. If you are looking for an exciting blackjack game or simply to turn a profit, Perfect Blackjack Multihand 5 is the one for you.

Perfect Blackjack Multihand 5
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