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Perfect Blackjack

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perfect blackjackPerfect Blackjack by leading software supplier Playtech is an authentic variation of the game of 21 offering players a number of additional features, which make for a truly unique gaming experience. The game supports various side bets and impresses with crisp, polished graphics, and seamless gameplay.

This blackjack variation is played with a total of six decks and for the most part, follows the standard Vegas Strip rules. One of the greatest advantages of this blackjack rendition is that it enables players to make their betting sessions more versatile and exciting by placing a range of optional side bets on different pairs of cards. This makes it possible for fans of the game to dramatically boost their online casino balance since the side bets offer winners quite generous payouts. The game also supports the option to play up to five hands at the same time, much to the benefit of players looking for more action and higher profits.

Gaming Experience

If you wish to experience the characteristic ambiance of landbased blackjack tables, Playtech’s Perfect Blackjack is the game to play. The software developers at Playtech have created an extremely detailed blackjack variation – it certainly will not take long for you to notice that the game’s stellar layout is an exact replica of the tables in Las Vegas gambling establishments.

The shoe containing the six decks of cards is positioned at the right side of the layout, the chip rack is in the middle and to the right, you can see the discard holder. Indeed, everything is so detailed that one can even see the reflections of the chips in the chip rack. Multi-hand play is also an option for those who are confident in their strategy and are looking to increase their session’s profits.

The developers have added several great features which make it possible for players to customize the game in accordance with their own preferences. For instance, you can change the color of the table’s felt and are provided with the option to choose from several colors, including red, purple, dark gray, blue, and orange. Those who bet real money will benefit from the History functionality which includes results on previous hands.

There is the option to speed up the pace at which the cards are dealt by turning on the Fast Play feature. You can adjust the volume or turn off the background sounds and the dealer’s voice altogether, if you find they distract you from playing optimally. The game displays warning messages when players hit hands that total 17 or over to prevent them from unintentionally ruining strong starting hands.

Specific Features

Perfect Blackjack is a six-deck game whose rules largely coincide with those of the blackjack variants, played at the Las Vegas Strip. The dealer is required to draw to 16 and stands on all totals of 17. The variant offers the standard 3 to 2 payout for naturals. Insurance pays 2 to 1. The other rules are also quite favorable to players. For example, it is allowed to split any pair you like without exceptions. Doubling down after a split is also permitted but when splitting Aces, players are entitled to one additional card only.

On the downside, re-splitting already split pairs is not an option in Perfect Blackjack. The game also rewards players who are brave enough to form a ten-card Charlie. This is a card trick in blackjack where your hand is an automatic winner when you succeed in drawing ten cards without going bust. The only way for a ten-card Charlie to lose is when the dealer flips a blackjack.

If you wish to make your blackjack session more interesting, you can experiment with the different side bets, accepted in Perfect Blackjack. There is the option to bet that your first two cards or those of the dealer will form a pair. The payouts you collect when this happens are largely based on the type of pair you have formed.

Black/red pairs pay at a ratio of 6 to 1 when the first two cards are of the same numerical value but of different colors, like 5 of hearts and 5 of clubs. There is also a payout of 12 to 1 for colored pairs consisting of cards of the same color but of different suits. The highest payout of 25 to 1 is awarded for “perfect” pairs, which contain two suited cards of the same rank. The game allows for side bets to be made simultaneously on the dealer’s and the player’s pairs.


Playtech is responsible for the development of various high-quality variations of the classic game of 21 and Perfect Blackjack is among their most loved creations. This unique variant of blackjack is the perfect game for fans of 21 who are looking for more winning opportunities, smooth gameplay, and low house edge. The game is reported to return 99.58% on average over the long term which corresponds to a shockingly low house edge of less than 0.50% only.

Apart from the high long-term return and the stellar visual presentation, Perfect Blackjack is preferred by many fans of the game because of its interesting side bets. These will not only render your playing session more entertaining but can also help you scoop a massive payout. Last but definitely not least, the developers at Playtech have optimized Perfect Blackjack for mobile play, making it possible for casino enthusiasts to enjoy this bespoke variation on a range of smartphones and tablets.

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