Pontoon Pro Series

Pontoon Pro Series

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PontoonPontoon is a local British variation of the blackjack game that we know and love. Although it is played on a smaller scale than blackjack, it is just as fun and entertaining, allowing you to score some great wins. Pontoon Pro Series is NetEnt’s take on this genre and this game can be found at a variety of online casinos.

This game comes with not very wide betting limits, with the maximum bet being limited to 40.00 units per hand. There are 3 different chip denominations – 1, 5, and 10, and you can form any bet with them as long as it does not go over the limit.

Gaming Experience

Playing Pontoon is much like playing a game of blackjack, you are supposed to beat the dealer without going over 21 points. But this is still a different kind of game and after loading it, you will soon discover them. The terminology is somewhat different, although the actions are still the same. A ‘Hit’ is called a ‘Twist’ in Pontoon and it adds a card to your hand. A ‘Double Down’ in Pontoon is a ‘Buy’ and it doubles your initial bet, while a ‘Stand’ action is referred to as ‘Stick’.

These are minor differences and will not affect your gameplay in any significant way, though it is still better to know about them and not be caught by surprise. The Face and Ace hand which is 21 in value is called a ‘Blackjack’ in blackjack, whereas the Pontoon version is ‘Pontoon’. Overall, if you have ever played blackjack before you will immediately be familiar with how the game is supposed to play and you will enjoy every moment of it.

Specific Features

While Pontoon does feature some slight difference from blackjack, it also comes with some major ones as well, especially in the gameplay. Traditionally, in blackjack, you can stand on any hand, regardless of its value. In Pontoon, you can only stick on a hand that is 15 or over and if it is not, you will be required to twist. Another sharp difference is that in Pontoon you are allowed to add additional cards to your hand after a buy, which doubles your bet. Furthermore, the dealer wins all ties in Pontoon, something that you may want to take into account should you wish to play this game.

The dealer has to twist on any 16 and stick on 17 or more, while a hand of 22 or more will automatically cause a bust. Any winning hand in Pontoon pays even money, with the exception of the pontoon, which pays 2:1. Additionally, a hand with 5 cards that have a combined value of 21, referred to as a Five Card Trick, will also pay the 2:1 ratio.


Overall, Pontoon Pro Series is an excellent table game that will bring in a refreshing change of pace. The game come with the advantages of being a NetEnt creation, such as beautiful graphics, smooth animations, immersive background music, and an overall excellent presentation. The gameplay is nothing to scoff at either, as the game will have you thinking and considering your next actions. Much like blackjack, pontoon also requires a decent amount of preparation and knowledge if you are to excel at the game. If you are looking for something different, but still familiar, then be sure to give Pontoon Pro Series a try.

Pontoon Pro Series
Pontoon Pro Series
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