Premier Blackjack Hi Lo Gold

Premier Blackjack Hi Lo Gold

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Premier Blackjack Hi Lo GoldPremier Blackjack Hi Lo Gold ranks among one of the best Microgaming table games on the Internet. It features immersive and fun gameplay, while also giving you the chance to score some amazing wins.

This version of blackjack also comes with very liberal betting limits, allowing players to bet as much as their balances can handle. The minimum bet begins at 1.00 and it goes as high as 200.00 per hand. This makes the game appealing to a large user demographic, based on that alone. To see how this game turns out, please look below where we cover all important information about the game.

Gaming Experience

Playing Premier Blackjack Hi Lo Gold is one of the most visually pleasing experiences that you may have at online casinos. The graphics are nothing short of fantastic and easily outclass even the best casino games. The blackjack table and everything on it are shown in beautiful high resolution, with a lot of attention to detail. The animations are smooth and will not present any issue, while the background music will fully immerse you in the casino atmosphere. Presentation is a very important aspect of any game and Premier Blackjack Hi Lo Gold absolutely nails it in this regard.

Specific Features

On the gameplay side of things, we are happy to report that this game is not bad at all. In fact, it is quite good. It is played with two standard 52-deck cards and the dealer must stand on all 17’s. Splitting is only allowed once and you cannot resplit hands, although you are not limited to one card after split Aces. Blackjack pays the traditional 3:2 ratio, which is surprising to see considering the low deck number. Insurance is also offered whenever the dealer draws an Ace in their opening hand. It pays the standard 2:1 ratio, allowing you to reclaim all of your money back.

Outside of the base gameplay, we also have to discuss the side bets – the Hi and Lo, which give the game its name. In short, you can place a bet on what the combined value of your first two cards will be. The Lo is a bet that you hand will not be higher than 12, whereas the Hi is a wager that your hand will have a value between 14 – 20. Both of these bets pay even money, much like the standard blackjack bet. But there is also the 13 bet, where if wager money that your hand will be exactly 13 in value, you will receive a 10:1 payout. For the purposes of the side bets, any Ace will count only as 1. This means that any blackjack hand will win you the Lo bet.


Overall, Premier Blackjack Hi Lo Gold is one of the best blackjack games that are currently available to you. This game seems to have it all – beautiful graphics, fair rules and payouts, and an entertaining and fun nature. The side bets are entirely optional and will not affect the gameplay if you do not choose to take them. Still, you stand to make a considerable amount of money if you do. If you are in the search for a good blackjack titles, then look no more, as this one is a good as you are going to get.

Premier Blackjack Hi Lo Gold
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4.8 / 5.0
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