Premier Blackjack High Streak Gold

Premier Blackjack High Streak Gold

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Premier Blackjack High Streak GoldPremier Blackjack High Streak Gold is a game brought to you by Microgaming and available at a large number of online casinos. The Premier Blackjack series is known for its high-quality graphics and gameplay, offering players one of the best experiences in the realm of online gambling, while also introducing new mechanics into the traditional blackjack genre.

As per the norm of the series, the betting limits are quite liberal, allowing players to bet up to 200.00 on each hand. The chips come in several denominations, more specifically in 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, and 200. Of course, you can set any combination of chips that you like, as long as you do not go over the limits of the table.

Gaming Experience

Those who have ever played any game in Microgaming’s Premier Series will instantly recognize the high-resolution graphics and detailed images. To this day, Premier Blackjack by Microgaming stands as some of the best looking table games in the world. The blackjack table is portrayed with life-like graphics that will leave a lasting impression on you, while the background lounge music will fully immerse you in the casino atmosphere. Where gameplay is concerned, the game is one of the best that you can play, offering a fun and engaging experience.

Specific Features

Premier Blackjack High Streak Gold offers one interesting feature not traditionally found in blackjack games. Those who are perfectly confident in their blackjack skills and expertise can take on the dealer in a side bet, where they wager that they will hit a winning streak. This bet is located next to the main one and is completely optional. It does not expect anything extra from you, just that you keep winning consecutively. After every win, the chips will move to the next streak bet up to a point. There are four different side bets and they feature the following payouts:

Premier Blackjack High Streak Gold Side Bets
Side Bet Payout
2nd Streak 1:1
3rd Streak 2:1
4th Streak 5:1
5th Streak 10:1

As you can see, the more hands that you win, the more money that you stand to make with the side bets. This can turn out to be much more profitable for you than only placing the main bets.

Additionally, the game features mostly traditional blackjack rules. It is played with two 52-card decks, which are shuffled after every game. Blackjack pays the standard 3:2 ratio and the dealer must stand on all 17’s. Insurance will be offered whenever the dealer draws an Ace and it pays 2:1 if they hit a blackjack.


Overall, Premier Blackjack High Streak Gold is an excellent blackjack game that can give you a massive boost to your bankroll, if you have the skills to claim it. The main features of the game are its Streak side bets, which can potentially be very profitable for you. They are, as most side bets, high risk, high reward, meaning that you may end up with nothing or with a huge casino balance. This is the nature of this feature and you have to take that into consideration. You can, of course, play without the side bets and simply enjoy the base gameplay, which is also quite good.

Premier Blackjack High Streak Gold
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