Premier Blackjack Multi Hand Euro Bonus Gold

Premier Blackjack Multi Hand Euro Bonus Gold

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Premier Blackjack Multi Hand Euro Bonus GoldPremier Blackjack Multi-Hand Euro Bonus Gold is a Microgaming creation, part of the Premier Blackjack series that has become quite the attraction for many online casinos. This has set quite high expectations for most games in the series and most of them can meet them easily.

Multi-Hand Euro Bonus Gold comes with some fairly liberal betting limits, where players can wager up to 200.00 per hand on the main bet. There is also a side bet in the game, where you can stake up to 25.00. This makes the game accessible to many different players with various betting habits.

Gaming Experience

Playing Premier Blackjack is one of the most enjoyable experiences to be had in the sphere of online gambling. This one in particular features excellent graphics that will no doubt be to your liking. These are accompanied by buttery smooth animations that will only enhance the experience. The signature lounge music also runs in the background, making you feel as if you are in a physical casino environment. Multi-Hand Euro Bonus Gold is not only a good-looking game but also a fun and enjoyable one, as well. When this game catches your attention it can hold on to it for hours on end and you will enjoy every second of it.

Specific Features

The most important features of the game can be found in its name. Premier Blackjack Multi-Hand Euro Bonus Gold allows gamblers to play with up to five hands at the same time. For each hand, you will need to place an individual bet. Each hand is separate from the others and they have no connection, other than the cards being dealt from the same shoe.

There is also the Bonus side bet to consider. On each hand, you can place a side bet on what your opening hand will be. As we have mentioned above, the maximum size of this bet can only go up to 25.00. This is due to the relatively high payouts for some of the outcomes. The paytable for the side bet goes as follows:

Premier Blackjack Multi Hand Euro Bonus Gold Side Bets
Side Bet Payout
2x Any Suited 5:2
Jack and Ace Suited 25:1
Jack and Ace Spades 50:1

The conditions for this bet are awfully specific and the chance for you to actually win the large payout is very small. Getting a suited hand, however, is not outside the realm of possibility and it may actually be profitable for you.

Outside of those two features, this game plays out much like you would expect. There are two 52-card decks in the shoe and a blackjack hand pays 3:2. Insurance is available to you when the dealer draws an Ace and it pays 2:1 if they hit a blackjack. The dealer must draw to and stand on all 17’s.


Overall, Premier Blackjack Multi-Hand Euro Bonus Gold is a game that you probably do not want to miss out on. The presentation of the game is nothing if not stellar and the gameplay is nothing to scoff at either. The side bets bring a new dynamic to the table, rewarding you for doing nothing in particular. While the Multi-Hand feature does not benefit you in any significant way, it gives you the chance to play many more hands per hours than usual. Premier Blackjack Multi-Hand Euro Bonus Gold is a fun and engaging game, one that is definitely worth your time and attention.

Premier Blackjack Multi Hand Euro Bonus Gold
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