Premier Blackjack Multi-Hand Gold

Premier Blackjack Multi-Hand Gold

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Premier Blackjack Multi-Hand GoldPremier Blackjack Multi-Hand Gold is yet another stellar product from Microgaming’s extensive collection of card games, offering players laudable visual depth, spectacular animations, immersive audio, and lots of fantastic features, enabling them to customize the gameplay according to their individual preferences and style. This elegant Microgaming offering is a great option for fans of the iconic card game who insist on more action and greater dynamics as it allows them to play up to five hands at the same time.

Since this is a double-deck game, the rules are not as liberal as those available at virtual tables offering multiple-deck shoe blackjack. This results in a slightly higher advantage in favor of the house because the player is the first to act on their hands. This multi-hand blackjack variation compensates with a unique design that makes for a memorable betting session and allows you to immerse yourself into a gaming experience that is on par with that in brick-and-mortar casinos.

More importantly, Premier Blackjack Multi-Hand Gold can fit into all budgets as it is playable from the humble amount of $1.00 per hand. Those who have more sizable bankrolls can attack the table with maximum bets of $200.00 on each hand in play.

Gaming Experience

You simply cannot go wrong with this blackjack variation. It promises an unforgettable gaming experience to all fans of 21 thanks to its interesting design and unmatched visual depth. The Microgaming developers have decided to deviate from the standard by making the table oval instead of opting for the usual semi-circular shape.

The discards holder, the tray with the chips, and the betting boxes are exceptionally well designed, not to mention the level of authenticity Microgaming has reached with this product is tough to match. There are various small details that immediately catch the eye – you can see the reflections of the chips on the tray’s surface and the shadows the shoe casts on the felt.

You can tailor the game to your own preferences, starting with the felt color. At the lower left corner, there is a button which reads “Change Table” and it offer you a choice from several different colors and styles of table design. The same applies to the style of the cards you play with as there is the option to select from three different card styles by accessing the Options menu.

If you are not following a progressive system and prefer to flat bet instead, you can make use of the Auto Rebet functionality which spares you the constant clicking on the Deal button after previous bets are resolved. You can adjust the settings so that losing hands are not removed from the table until both you and the dealer have acted.

By turning on the Turbo Mode, you increase the speed at which the cards are dealt and get to enjoy a faster-paced gameplay. There is no need to use a strategy chart if you are playing Premier Blackjack Multi-Hand Gold – the game itself reduces player errors and assists you in making decisions with Hit/Stand warnings and hints on the correct strategy for each hand you are dealt.

Specific Features

As was mentioned earlier on, this multi-hand variation of blackjack utilizes two full decks, of 52 cards each. The rules of play are far from optimal which is the case with most double-deck games of 21. Blackjack pays normally at a rate of 3 to 2 and winning insured bets offer 2 to 1 payouts. The dealer draws to 16 and must stand on all totals of 17. If you fail to remember all the rules from the get-go, you can conveniently check them out by hovering your mouse cursor over the chips tray to open the table rules menu.

While offering insurance is a must when the dealer shows an Ace, the no-peek rule applies to both dealer Aces and ten-value cards. This tips the scale in favor of the house because the virtual dealer is dealt one card at first, then the player acts on their hands, and finally the dealer receives a second card.

The double down and split options are also severely restricted by the game’s rules. You can double down only on three two-card totals – 9, 10, and 11. Splitting is allowed only once so that you can make up to two hands from a pair. Only identical pairs of ten-value cards can be split. One of the few advantages rules-wise is that you are permitted to draw multiple cards on split pairs of Aces whereas other variations of blackjack only allow for a single card to be dealt per Ace.


If you insist on a realistic blackjack game that comes close to what you are likely to experience in a an actual casino, Microgaming’s Premier Blackjack Multi-Hand Gold is a must-play. The design is quite elegant and life-like enough to make you feel you are sitting in a landbased casino. This is a customizable blackjack variation and players can tackle the settings to alter the gameplay so that it fits their own taste.

Do keep in mind this blackjack variation is riskier to play, especially if you have a limited bankroll at your disposal. This stems from the fact the virtual dealer never peeks for naturals when showing an Ace or ten-value cards which may cause you to lose five hands simultaneously because you are the first one to act in each round. Only then would the dealer receive a second card which may potentially result in a blackjack and five simultaneous losses for you. So if you decide to try out Microgaming’s Premier Blackjack Multi-hand Gold variant, make sure your bet sizing per hand agrees with your overall session bankroll.

Premier Blackjack Multi-Hand Gold
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