Progressive Blackjack

Progressive Blackjack

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progressive blackjackProgressive jackpots are usually featured in slot games, whether that would be in online casinos or in land-based gambling facilities. Playtech’s Progressive Blackjack is a popular online game that follows the rules of standard American blackjack but a special side bet also gives players the chance to win a huge progressive jackpot.

Combining the thrill and the need for strategy in a typical blackjack game with the surprise of winning an attractive jackpot, Playtech’s Progressive Blackjack is one of the most played 21 games online. The big win is available for getting four Aces, but there are smaller prices for having almost any number of Aces in your hand. Apart from the jackpot, this version follows the standard Vegas-style rules that are applied to many other Playtech games, as well. It is played with 6 decks of 52 cards and a blackjack pays out 3 to 2 (or in other words, 1.5 times the stake). The table limits for this game are from 5 to 1,000 credits, while the side bet costs only 1 credit ($/€1). This means that players are eligible for winning the progressive jackpot with stakes of only 6 credits.

Gaming Experience

Playtech’s Progressive Blackjack is played with 6 standard decks of cards and they are shuffled before each deal. The game can be played in single-hand and multi-hand mode where the player can bet on up to 5 hands simultaneously. At the beginning of each round, the player receives 2 cards, and the dealer another two, one of which is face down. The player has the option to hit – or to get another card, to stand (to end his or her turn) or double the stake and then, the dealer reveals the face-down card. Insurance is allowed, so if the dealer has a blackjack, the player receives a payout of 2 to 1. Another option in this game is to split – this allows the player to split the pair (cards of the same value) he or she received initially into two hands.

The interface of the game is very simple and user-friendly, similar to that of many other virtual blackjack games. What it stands out with is the window in the top left corner of the screen where the jackpot is displayed. There, you will also find the pay table of this version of blackjack. Players can customize their game by changing the color scheme of the classic table layout, adjust and volume of the sound and disable some additional animations.

The side bet which gives you a chance for winning the progressive jackpot is optional, which means that you play the game just like you would play a standard American-style blackjack. Of course, the side bet can be placed only after placing a regular bet.

Specific Features

There are several specific things players should be aware of when playing Progressive Blackjack online but the most exciting one is the constantly increasing jackpot. This jackpot is shared by a large number of casinos, where the game is available. A certain percentage of every side bet placed in it contributes to this combined pot of money, which means that the jackpot rises constantly until it is won by one lucky player.

In order to play for the progressive jackpot, players need to place the side bet and receive at least two Aces of any suit. This hand will give them the lowest extra payout of 25 times the side bet. Two Aces of the same suit pay off 100 coins, while three and four Aces of any suit pay 250 and 2,500 coins, respectively. If the player gets three Aces of the same suit, the payout is 5,000 coins. The progressive jackpot is given when the player receives two suited Aces in the beginning and then splits the hand and receives another pair of Aces of the same suit. These four suited Aces bring the huge win which starts with a seed value of 50,000 times the side bet, or $/£/€ 50,000.

Other specific rules players should be familiar with before starting to play Playtech’s Progressive Blackjack are that the dealer cannot check for a blackjack and he stands on any 17. There is no surrender, blackjack pays 3:2, insurance – 2:1, while ordinary hands pay 1:1. Re-splitting is not allowed. Also, the game comes with the so-called 10-Card Charlie rule, which means that the player wins if he or she manages to get 10 cards without going bust.


There are many blackjack games in online casinos but those developed by Playtech stand out with exceptional graphics, excellent design and great options for customizing. The gaming studio’s Progressive Blackjack is on exception to this rule – it is of premium quality in terms of appearance and gameplay. It also features a tempting progressive jackpot which can bring lucky players huge winnings.

This combination of a classic blackjack game and a progressive jackpot makes Playtech’s title a really exciting game. It can be played in a large number of online casinos and comes with a nice average return percentage of 99.53%. The theoretical Return to Player for the side bet, however, is reduced to 94.85%. The difference is significant, so players should be careful when playing for the progressive jackpot and make sure they know the game well before placing a side bet.

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