Spanish 21 Blackjack

Spanish 21 Blackjack

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Spanish 21 BlackjackSpanish Blackjack is a commonly played table game in online casinos nowadays. It comes under different names sometimes and you may recognize it as Pontoon, in some cases. Spanish 21 Blackjack is Microgaming’s take on the genre, bringing it to your computers in a sleek and entertaining form. It can be played by a whole lot of different players, starting from the casual gamblers and going up to the high rollers.

Much like most other Microgaming table games, Spanish 21 Blackjack features very loose betting limits, allowing players to bet anywhere between 1.00 and 500.00 per hand.

Gaming Experience

Spanish 21 Blackjack is a fun and engaging game to play. It came out some time ago and it is certainly evident in the graphics. They are somewhat outdated and are not the best that Microgaming has ever created. In fact, there are plenty of other table games out there that look much better than Spanish 21 Blackjack. But where the visuals disappoint, the gameplay delivers in full. This game will have you thinking and making decisions at every step of the way. This level of strategic thought is one of the best aspects of blackjack and it is certainly present here. Moreover, since the Spanish version comes with several tweaks and changes from the traditional one, you will pay much more attention than usual.

Specific Features

Spanish Blackjack is somewhat different from the traditional version of blackjack that you know and love. For starters, all natural 10 cards have been removed from the shoe and the only cards with a value of 10 are the face cards. As you can imagine, the removal of 32 cards will have a profound effect on the odds and it will take some new strategies to beat the game.

As for the rules in Spanish 21 Blackjack, you should be well satisfied with you are offered. A blackjack hand pays the standard 3:2 ratio, while the dealer must stand on a hard 17 and hit on a soft one. Insurance is offered whenever the dealer draws an Ace in their opening hand and should they hit a blackjack, you will receive a 2:1 payout. The game is played with 8 standard 52-card decks, which is not the best but it has become standard in the industry. Surrender is also available if you feel that your hand is not good enough, allowing you to claim half of your bet.


Spanish 21 Blackjack is a game that every blackjack player should try at least once in their gambling career. It is a different take on the classic game and it plays slightly differently than how you would expect. This fresh change of pace might be just what some people need to break the monotony and experience something new and exciting. Microgaming has done an overall good job in replicating this game in a virtual format and we recommend that you give it a shot.

Spanish 21 Blackjack
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