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Super Fun 21Eminent software developer Microgaming is famed for its exhaustive selection of blackjack variations, spanning several dozens of titles, each one with its own peculiarities and rules. One of the most interesting blackjack variants on the leading supplier’s portfolio is Super Fun 21, which follows a different set of rules than what casual players are used to. The game’s rules are quite liberal, but it also offers several bonus payouts allowing players to score higher wins on specific hands.

While the majority of blackjack variants Microgaming developers have created over the years are offered in both single-hand and multiple-hand formats, Super Fun 21 is among the few exceptions to this rule and supports only single-hand mode. This is a single-deck blackjack variant where hole cards are in play. There are two versions of the variation to choose from.

The first one is the Super Fun 21 Microgaming originally launched and therefore, the graphics are not as crisp as those of the more recent additions to the developer’s collection. If you are looking for a more authentic playing experience, we recommend trying the Super Fun 21 version that is part of Microgaming’s Gold Series since it offers clearer visuals, more realistic sound effects, and improved gameplay.

Gaming Experience

Super Fun 21 strives to accommodate both recreational blackjack players and high rollers as it offers a wide betting range, with wagers extending from $1.00 to $200.00 per hand. The software developers at Microgaming once again showcase trademark usability to ensure players at different experience levels can easily navigate and control the game. Super Fun 21’s interface is intuitive enough to enable card game aficionados to easily regulate their bet sizing and act on their betting decisions.

The buttons you control your play with are located at the bottom of the screen. You can increase or decrease the size of your stakes by repeatedly clicking on the “+” and “-” buttons. The game features the standard commands to hit, stand, double down, split pairs, and surrender, so if you have ever played online blackjack before, you will face no difficulties with Super Fun 21.

The visuals and animations of the original version may not be as impressive as those of the Gold Series variation, yet are clear enough to deliver a realistic experience. Super Fun 21 replicates landbased blackjack tables down to the smallest of details as players can see the tray with the chips of different denominations, the plaque with the game’s rules and five betting boxes on the felt. However, you can place your chips only in one of the boxes since Super Fun 21 supports only single-hand play. Playability is further improved by the ambient audio effects and the relaxing background music.

Special Features

The rules of Super Fun 21 are rather liberal for the most part which reduces the house edge a little bit. To begin with, this is an American hole card game where a single-deck of 52 cards is in play. Since Super Fun 21 runs on a software called a Random Number Generator, the cards are returned to the deck for a reshuffle after each hand is played. The dealer is required to hit on soft totals of 17 and winning insurance bets return the regular payout of 2 to 1.

One of the biggest discrepancies here lies in the payouts for naturals as Super Fun 21 returns even money for most blackjacks. On the positive, whenever the player and the virtual dealer both obtain naturals, the player’s blackjack beats that of the dealer. Late surrender is allowed on any card total and so is doubling down.

Another favorable rule allows players to surrender following a double down, in which case they would lose only half of their original stake. You can also double down on split pairs, with the option to resplit Aces. Pairs can be split up to three times for a total of four hands. Dealer peeks for naturals when showing Aces or ten-value cards.

One hand players should be looking forward to is the natural consisting of Ace of diamonds next to any ten-value card of diamonds. Blackjacks of diamonds offer increased payouts of 2 to 1. The six-card Charlie rule is applicable here and also benefits the players. Six-card totals of 20 or less are automatic winners regardless of what the virtual dealer is having. Six-card and five-card Charlies with a total of 21 also offer an increased payout of 2 to 1.


Super Fun 21 is a breath of fresh air for all blackjack fans who are looking for a game with liberal rules and additional returns. The extra payouts on certain six-card totals and naturals with diamonds definitely increase the possibility of accruing more profits in the course of your betting session, not to mention you are not even required to place side bets to qualify as is the case with other Microgaming blackjack variations.

Rarely can you find an online blackjack variant with such favorable rules. Practically no restrictions are imposed on splitting and doubling down. To fully benefit from the liberal rules, you are advised to weave a suitable basic strategy into your gameplay. The only shortcoming of this Microgaming blackjack variant results from the reduction in the payouts for naturals but this is partially offset by the player’s blackjacks beating these of the dealer. The bottom line is if you are in the mood for something fresh and unorthodox, Microgaming’s Super Fun 21 is one game that you definitely need to check out.

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